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09 January, 2009

Shrimp Fries Stocking Process 03 – Acclimatization Process

A basic understanding of the process of acclimatization is the process of adjustment of two different environmental conditions (from the hatchery to the pond waters) so that changes in these conditions does not cause stress for the shrimp fries.

This activity needs to be done carefully and patiently so that shrimp fries stress levels to environmental changes can be minimized so that the quality and condition of shrimp fries can be maintained in an optimal.

These stages are commonly used in the process of acclimatization includes:
  1. Removal of a shrimp fries which are still in the packaging to the pond waters. Keep the packages of shrimp fries are collected at a place that is easy to reach in the pond (usually on the edge or a corner of a pond) that given a delimiter string so that the shrimp fries packages were not distributed. This is done to facilitate observation of the condition and activity of shrimp fries during the acclimatization process.

    During this process, shrimp fries packages should not be opened first (unless the packages which has been used for fries sampling) and leave for a few moments in the waters in a closed state. Further, do observations on some fries packages, if the fries packages have been seen dewy then the fry’s packages already can be opened. This indicator shows that temperature of the pond waters compared with the shrimp fries packages has already same relatively. Do the same thing to the fry’s packages that have been showing the same indicator.

  2. At the time of opening the fry’s packages, perform of pond waters addition into a packages slowly by using the palm of the hand so a part of package inside pond waters. Let this condition for a moment, and do the same activities for other packages.

    Further, do observations on the condition and activities of shrimp fries on some packages. If shrimp fries in the package are already active at the edge of package (in some cases seen a convoy of fries), then this indicates that the shrimp fries are ready to move into the pond waters. This indicator shows that the general water quality condition between the of pond waters and shrimp fry packages have the same relatively.

  3. Move packaged shrimp fries to fry the pond waters slowly if the observations have shown indicators such as the above item no.2. Do the same activities for other packages.

  4. Clean waste / dirt of pond waters which are generated by these shrimp fries stocking process in order not to cause obstacles in the process of next shrimp cultivation.
Generally, the things that need to be considered in the process of shrimp fries stocking other than cultivation technical factors are a factor of austerity, perseverance / patience both in stocking and observation process against the indicators in the process of acclimatization in order not to cause errors in the decisions related to shrimp culture technical.

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