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19 March, 2008

Foamy Pond Waters

AIn carrying out shrimp farming activities, at a certain time we often find water ponds out of foam on the water surface. Scenery such it more clear apparent at time of water wheels operation or at time of water circulation. Never underestimate the foamy pond water foaming which it can cause serious problems for the existing conditions in shrimp.

Foamy pond water is one practical indicators related to water quality at the time. This condition indicates plankton mortality has occurred in the waters of these ponds. In general, the occurrence of foamy pond water is as follows:
  1. At water wheels are operated, there seen a clearly visible color of the waters in accordance with dominant plankton color in waters, this indicates a high density plankton and observed from age, the plankton are relatively "old";

  2. Began to emerge of foam along the water flow caused by wheel rotation, at this stage the foam carried by the water wheels flow is short relatively. This situation indicate there has begun to happen plankton mortality;

  3. Foam carried by wheel currents is longer and it will also pull on pond outskirt, this condition indicating plankton mortality in the waters increases significantly;

  4. Water transparency is collapse suddenly and in extreme conditions, the water transparency reaches to base translucent (clear). This condition has indicating plankton mass mortality occurred in these waters, or commonly referred to as plankton collapse.
Based on the above description, it shows that foamy pond water condition if not promptly treated can be a problems trigger for process of shrimp culture. Plankton collapse as a result is not immediately handled problem of foamy ponds water would disrupt the balance of water ecosystem it is also caused of dirty pond bottom because dead plankton sediment.

In an effort to anticipate the occurrence of foamy pond water, the technical treatment can be applied, among others:
  1. Continuous water circulation and increased both the frequency and volume. This treatment is necessary for supply of new seedlings to replace old plankton in the waters;

  2. Under certain conditions required inoculation of seedlings plankton ways to speed up the new plankton growth process;

  3. Increased doses of fertilizer to spur growth of new plankton allowing to quickly replace a dead plankton;

  4. Operate water wheel maximum
The treatments like mentioned above is needed to prevent a suddenly plankton collapse as effected from foamy pond waters that it can reasoning a serious troubles for shrimp culture.

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