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11 August, 2008

Pond Waters Colors 01 – Rationale

Basically, pond water color is due to a dominance of certain plankton types that grows and develops in the pond waters. This parameter can be used as one measure of pond waters quality in a practical way through visual observation by considering the conditions and quality of shrimps in these waters with the following rationales:

  1. Phytoplankton has a certain characteristics color caused by the chlorophyll content which is relative differ between species with each other.

  2. Plankton has certain characteristics in the process of its activities either biology, chemistry, physics and ecology which are relatively different between the species from one another.

  3. Phytoplankton is a major producer in the food chain in pond waters, so it’s dominance affected on the lives of other organisms.

  4. Not all types of plankton that grow in the pond waters are beneficial for shrimps or other organisms in the pond, so the dominance of certain species will affect to a comfort level of other organisms in the pond.
The rationale like mentioned above shows that pond waters color which is caused by the dominance of certain types of plankton can be used as reference in decisions making about water quality. The plankton dominance factor in the ponds can occur because of the influence of plankton seed which is put into ponds and applied treatment in the process of growth and management of plankton. At initial time of pond water establishment, plankton seeds which entered into the pond is likely have occurred a dominance to further grow and develop in the pond. In other cases the plankton seeds which are entered into the ponds have not happened dominance, but the treatment which was applied to allow the growth and development of certain types of plankton that is dominate within pond water.

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