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25 April, 2008

Pond Water Quality Management Concepts 1

Waters factor have an important role for a success of shrimp farming especially concerning with applied cultivation technology. Waters is a habitat where the shrimps live and interact with their surrounding environment both biotic and unbiotic that forming a food chain in an ecosystem of its own. In a natural habitat, there is a natural waters, the formed ecosystem is always maintained in a balance through natural mechanism control either biology, physics, chemistry and ecological.

Shrimps (despite having biological characteristics and behavior) as one of the composer biota of these ecosystems, in the hold of their life are always based on a rule of the game that apply within their habitat, are among others:
  1. Natural waters ecosystem compilers biota there are beneficial and harmful to shrimps including various types of shrimps diseases seeds.

  2. Formed food chain is a natural selection for its compiler biotic populations, including shrimps.

  3. Processes of biology, chemistry and physics that occur in these ecosystems is a process that leads to tolerance level on safe and comfortable for organisms within it, unless there is a real influence from outside.

  4. Compiler organisms of waters ecosystem has its own ability to adapt to its environment both in physiological and behavior of them.

  5. Compiler organisms of waters ecosystem are trying to be in areas that can ensure safety and comfort in their lives in neighborhood establish ecosystem.
Based on the ideas above, we can say that a condition and color of natural waters ecosystem will be very different with an artificial waters ecosystem such in the shrimp farming activities. Natural waters ecosystem management processes take place by itself and maintained in a balance, whereas an artificial waters ecosystem management more depends on conditioned human intervention resembling like natural waters. Some aspects that become a limiting factor in creating an artificial waters ecosystem in the shrimp culture are:
  1. Waters ecosystem is located in a limited environment that is only included in a pond environment, so that a space for organisms / biota that live in it will be limited too.

  2. Organisms / biota that live within it have no alternative choice to seek another environment, if a balance of the ecosystem in the pond disturbed thus affecting to their physiological functions.

  3. The waters ecosystem in the pond which limited is very labile to changes that occur both from natural factors (weather and season) as well as a cultivation technology effect.

  4. The process of biology, chemistry, physics and ecology that occurs in the pond waters more depending on given treatment so as not to cover a possibility of existence of human error.

  5. Pond waters conditions which conditioned to resemble natural habitats for organisms / biota that live within it can not guarantee a suitable condition for the organisms.

  6. Pond water management that are more dependent from human intervention can cause a condition "the organisms follow the treatment in want, not the treatment follow the organisms need".

  7. Conditioning of pond waters in accordance with natural waters that become a habitat of shrimp can be a trap for the perpetrator cultivation in an activity that is more as a water culture rather than its core activities that is shrimp culture.
Shrimp farming activities which basically is to create a water environment in accordance with natural habitat of shrimps, in it implementation can not be separated from water quality management technology in accordance with the conditions and needs of the shrimp themselves with due regard to limiting factors such as those mentioned above . In principle, the pond water management technologies must be based on how to create and maintain to balance of pond water ecosystem, so as not to cause environmental shocks that make the shrimps in a stress condition and can eventually cause problems for shrimps.

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