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12 July, 2008

Inoculation of Pond Waters 01 – Background

As described in the foregoing discussion that a balance of pond water ecosystem is very depends on a level of plankton stability in the waters. Pond water quality management process in certain condition is experienced difficulties in a process of plankton growth which caused too much lack of available plankton seeds in a pond waters and in used water input source.

In this condition if it is not anticipated immediately may cause a serious problem for carried out shrimp culture activities. One of alternative method that can be used to overcome this problem is by conducting process of pond waters inoculation..

Pond waters inoculation can be interpreted as a seed plankton moving activity from a pond were identified have plankton quality in accordance with level of cultivation technical requirements and shrimp conditions in a ponds which is plankton availability level is very less or none at all. Removal process can be conducted using tools there are spiral hose and water pump, this method used if used ponds is adjacent to each other. Another way to carry out pond waters circulation is take plankton seeds using a special container another pond that is located relatively far away then inserted a pond that needs plankton seeds.

Pond waters inoculation activities can be conducted with respect to some conditions / requirements as follows:
  1. A pond that going to take its plankton seeds is not a pond with problems / diseases shrimps. This is intended to avoid infection of shrimp by the problem / disease from ponds that are going inoculated.

  2. A pond that going to take its plankton seeds is not ponds with troubled waters condition. This is intended to avoid problems for shrimp because of the condition of these waters.

  3. The process of moving plankton seeds does not cause shocks to pond waters stability of a pond that taken it seed plankton

  4. Types of plankton from taken plankton ponds is not from the kind of adverse

  5. A pond that will inoculate must be clean from moss and biota as a plankton feeder. The presence of this organism will complicate a plankton growth process in the ponds because both of them are competitors and predators of plankton.

  6. Condition of weather and season at that time was support to plankton growth in a pond. On a weather / season with high rainfall is a condition that is not conducive to pond waters inoculation.

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