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17 March, 2008

The Importance of Water Reservoir

Water is one of the most important factor in supporting the process of shrimp culture. Technically, good water quality can be a critical success factor of the cultivation process in a period. One aspect of pond water management system is the process of water circulation that is running water ponds, which aims to improve water quality to fit the needs of the shrimp.

Referring to the objectives of water circulation, the thing to note is the quality of water that is inserted water into the pond during the filling process. If water quality is incorporated into the pond is relatively worse than pond water quality then it can cause problems for shrimp.

Based on its natural source of pond water can be derived from seawater and river (not too far from the sea), and if viewed from the aspect of water quality which is directly derived from both sources are relatively fluctuate depending on seasonal conditions and environment.

In an effort to get water input that can be controlled the quality, then in a shrimp farming, technically should be provided a water reservoir. Simply understanding water reservoir can be interpreted as a reservoir that will be used as a source of water input into the pond when the water circulation. Based on this understanding, then the water input sources to be used in water circulation is not directly incorporated into the ponds, but first at the process in the reservoir.

Associated with shrimp culture technical, then the water reservoir has significance for water quality management, namely:
  1. Water reservoir to control water quality of water input sources (sea water, river, etc). As already mentioned in the description above, water ponds, which come directly from the source in terms of quality is highly fluctuated and depending on the season and around environment. The existence of water reservoir is expected to make the water quality control and support in decisions making related to water circulation process;

  2. Water reservoir can be used as a medium of a water treatment test to be applied in the ponds. A water treatment technical cultivation is expected to improve the quality of the waters of a pond, but if the water treatment was not expected to produce output, it can affect the condition and quality of shrimp within the pond. A water treatment is tested first in the water reservoir, any results of course not affect the condition of the shrimp because it only as a water reservoir;

  3. Water reservoir can serve as a source of plankton seeds for other ponds at the condition of "hard set" pond water (eg during the rainy season). This condition of pond water as one of them caused by the lack of plankthon availability in the pond, thus seems hard water ponds formed. In an effort to obtain plankton seeds, then water reservoir can be used as a source of plankton by providing treatment a continuous fertilization until plankton obtained as expected. Plankton seedlings already established and relatively stable in the water reservoir, then, can be used as a source of plankton for other ponds with "inoculation of water" method;

  4. Water reservoir can be used as an indicator of water quality problems arising from common waters (sea, river, etc.). In general if the quality of common waters are causing problems for the condition of biota in it, it will be immediately visible in the water reservoir. This condition will be very dangerous for the shrimp if common waters with quality like that is inserted directly into the ponds;

  5. In certain conditions the water reservoir can economically produce added value for shrimp culture activities in the period, because usually in the water reservoir is also developing water biota that has economic value.
Referring to the above description, shows that the water reservoir indirectly serves as a filter against problems that might be caused by bad quality of water from common waters (sea, river, etc.).

Given the importance and function of water reservoir for shrimp culture process, then it should be provided within a cultivation period devoted to a single map or a water reservoir made a special map that serves as water reservoir.

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