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22 July, 2008

Pond Water Circulation 01 – Logical Basics

A formed waters within a pond can be said is a stagnant water in a limited media, thus requiring a water supply from outside to regenerate the waters and processes that occur within its in order to be more dynamic and provide a comfortable atmosphere for shrimps and other organisms that live in these waters.

Pond water circulation can be interpreted as a process of water replacing in a pond by throwing some pond water through outlet channels to be replaced with new waters which is inserted through inlet channels. In traditional shrimp farmings, ponds water circulation process is fully rely on tides, whereas in intesive shrimp farmings already using water pumps as a tool to enter sea waters into the ponds. Yet in broad outline remains, pond waters circulation refers to tidal conditions that occurred in the area, so that water quality in the ponds are not contaminated with bottom waters. Several factors other pond water sources that need to be considered before conducting water circulation are emong others:
  1. A quality of water resources includes: (i) Biology: there are availability of plankton seeds, presence of predators and competitors for shrimps, availability of natural feed, etc., (ii) Chemistry: there are a content of H2S, NH3, acidity (pH), etc., (iii) Physics: there are salinity, water turbidity, etc.

  2. A physical conditions of waters which are includes, waters bottom, and a content of particles that are floating in waters, etc.

  3. Human activities such as navigation channel, fishing, etc..

  4. Waters pollution from surrounding and its harm for shrimp culture activities
Based on rationale that a process of water circulation is to improve or maintain water quality, then to the four factors mentioned above should really be considered is on conduct water circulation, instead water quality in ponds have been degraded or more damaged

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