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24 June, 2008

Identification of Pond Water Quality Problems - 02

As explained in the previous discussion, the parameters that can be used practically as a benchmark of pond waters quality include water transparency, water color (plankton), waters physical condition, and pond bottom conditions.

Pond water quality problems which are often encountered in shrimp culture activities also involve the four parameters, there are:
  1. Pond water quality problems caused by water transparency or plankton abundance in a pond that is water clarity is too high and too low.

  2. Pond water quality problems caused by water color or plankton existing factors in the waters concerning with plankton dominance that harmful for shrimps, for example, a pond water color are faded green color, yellow, blue green algae, etc.

  3. Pond water quality problems caused by a physical condition of pond water which it can disrupt to shrimp lives, for example dusty pond water, particle pond water, algae emergence in surface water, etc.

  4. Pond water quality problems caused by a pond bottom conditions which are not conducive to shrimp life of, for example accumulation of black sludge which contains H2S and very dangerous for shrimps.
An explanation of the problems mentioned above has been described in detail in the foregoing discussion, and can be viewed at A Matrix of Pond Water Quality Identification.pdf (it still on Indonesian version).

Pond water quality problems requires a comprehensive approach that is viewed as a pond water ecosystem where the elements within it have a relation to one another, so that if one of the elements affected by a problem it will affect a harmonious relationship with each other in these waters. Pond waters as a closed ecosystem that has a high dependency rate to the technical skills of cultivation especially in water quality management is to establish a conducive condition for organisms that live in it. A basic principle that must be taken into consideration in pond water quality management and its problem is in this farming activity which became a main subject is the condition and quality of shrimps that have economic value, so any decision to be taken should lead to the shrimp with reference to costs and profit level value calculations of the shrimp that had been produced. Conversely, a technical calculations concerning the cost of water quality management not to produce a conditions and quality of shrimps that is not optimal.

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