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01 December, 2008

Shrimp Fries Stocking Process 01 – Background

Shrimp culture is a shrimp rearing process in a pond from fry age until it reaches the certain size which is considered to have reasonable financially and technically feasible for the harvesting. Shrimp fries stocking as an initial process of course also has a strategic role in determining the success of shrimp farming.

Shrimp fries stocking can be interpreted simply as the process of moving fry from two different environments (from hatchery / natural into a pond) with different environmental characteristics. Some of the things that became the rationale in doing shrimp fry stocking activities include:
  1. Shrimp fries has characteristics very sensitive to changes in surrounding environment, so that in the shrimp fries stocking process wherever possible the difference between the two environments can be minimized.

  2. Shrimp fries has a frequency of molting (shell replacement) is more often compared with a more adult shrimp. Molting condition is a critical phase for shrimp, because in molting condition a shrimp are very fragile and vulnerable to environmental changes and disease attack.

  3. Shrimp fries stocking process will largely determine to success factors of one cycle of cultivation processes in terms of uniformity of shrimps, survival rate (SR), a Food Conversion Ratio (FCR), biomass and indirectly also affect the success of financially.
Referring to the above rationale, hence a shrimp fries stocking process should be done as well as possible start from preparatory process (have been discussed in previous descriptions) till at the time of execution and post-shrimp fries stocking. Mainly, the main purpose of the shrimp fries stocking activity is to provide a place / new media which are a comfortable and safe for the fry.

Based on understanding, rationale and objectives of shrimp fries stocking activities then there are several factors to consider in conducting shrimp fries stocking. These factors include, inter alia:
  1. Quality of shrimp fries. The stocked shrimp fries must have good quality through the selection process including congenital disease, uniformity level, completeness of the body, sensitivity to stimuli, etc. The selection process of shrimp fries quality should be performed at the hatchery where its comes from.

  2. Origin location of shrimp fries. The shrimp fries should come from locations that are not too far from the ponds location so that quality is maintained. If the origin location of shrimp fries is too far away from pond location it is feared will occur decrease the quality of shrimp fry significantly during the process of transportation to the location of ponds.

  3. Shrimp fries stocking time should not be done at the time the sun in sweltering conditions because it will greatly affect to mortality rate of shrimp fries caused by the hot sun. Shrimp fries stocking should be done at the time of dim sunlight (night, morning, afternoon) and relatively good weather so the shrimp fries can tolerate to hot sun and environmental changes which its experienced.

  4. Pond waters at the time of fries stocking should have adequate availability of natural feed as efforts to maintain the level of living and level of shrimp fries uniformity in the early period of cultivation prior to artificial feeding. An explanation of this has been described in previous discussions.

  5. Pond waters quality at the time of shrimp fries stocking should be match with the fries needs level in order not to cause stress to the shrimp fries. Discussion related to water quality has been described in previous descriptions.

  6. A pond construction and shrimp culture support facilities at the time of fry stocking in relatively good condition and ready for use in order not to cause obstacles in the process of shrimp fries stocking.
The factors mentioned above is a basic reference that can be used so that the process of shrmp fries stocking activity are not made carelessly however this process is an initial step for the success of a cycle of shrimp farming.

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