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02 May, 2008

The Methods of Pond Water Quality Management - Concept

Basically, pond water quality management is an activity program to make pond water to balanced water ecosystem within limit environment in order to create a water condition that like shrimps natural habitat (viewed from characteristic, behavior and ecology of shrimps). Program implementation of pond water quality is need an advanced technical capability of human resources through method that appropriate with shrimps condition.

Some aspects that can be used as logical basic for it implementation, are :

  1. The methods must consider with the objectives of pond water management. The general objectives of pond water management are : (a) to keep and preserve water quality; (b) to improve water quality, and (c) to replace pond water with a new one. Main principal of those is how to create a water environment in order to consider with shrimp condition as well as shrimp quality.

  2. The methods must have exactly target consider with parameter that will be managed, there are water transparency, pond water color, pond water physic condition and pond bottom condition. The mentioned parameters are need a spesific method approach consider with relationship of each others.

  3. The methods must touch the real of “root” of water quality problems. Some factors that can reasoning pond water quality management problems, are : (a) internal factors, this problem is caused by disturbance of one of water ecosystem elements; (b) external factors, this problem is caused by external affect, like weather changes with the result that make unstable water quality condition; (c) Treatment error factors, this problem is caused by shrimp culture technical treatment error or it can be said as human error.
The logical basic like mentioned above are to take an efficient/effectively of pond water quality management as technical as well as financial profit. Several methods that commonly used on pond water quality management among others are :
  1. Water circulation
  2. Water fertilization
  3. Water inoculation, and
  4. Chemistry substance usage and shrimp medicines (not recommended).
The implementation of methods like mentioned above, have a relationship between each others depend on urgency level and priority scale from technical treatment that will be used based on field monitoring and require identification that be found. The method that implemented with separated accidentally will reason disturbed equaly of water ecosystem and it can reason a new more complex problems.

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Have you ever considered pond aeration?