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27 March, 2008

“Firefly" (Fluorescent) Pond Waters

Have you ever observed conditions at a pond at night? The surface of pond water looked out small lights that look like fireflies. Witnessing the scene, you do not amazed by the beauty of these phenomena because the pond water with such conditions is one indicator of the existence of "danger" for the shrimp that live within it.

"Firefly" pond water phenomenon is more frequently found during the dry season with relatively little rainfall. Some factors that cause water to shimmer pond at night, among other:
  1. Pond water salinity level is relatively high;

  2. Waters salinity level is high;

  3. Plankton dominance of dynoflagellata species in the pond waters)

  4. 3Lack of water circulation in the pond waters
The condition of "firefly" pond water if not immediately dealt with promptly may cause harmful effects to condition of shrimps, among other :
  1. Pale shrimps;

  2. Shrimps conduct convoy;

  3. Decreased shrimp appetite or even shrimp do not eat at all;

  4. At a certain period can cause damage hepatopanchreas;

  5. In extreme conditions can cause mass mortality of shrimps
In an effort to anticipate / prevent the problem of "firefly" water ponds, technical treatment that can be conducted among others:
  1. At the time pond water salinity concentration is relatively high, perform pond water circulation routinely with the frequency and volume more than usual;

  2. Reduce fertilizer use dosage if water transparency is considered highly concentrated that can lead to dominance of a plankton type
If the pond water has been experiencing a "firefly", then the technical treatment can be applied, among others:
  1. Perform replacement pond water volume totally which is conduct gradually and not shake shrimp condition (preferably by using a water circulation system that is remove and fill the water simultaneously);

  2. If the pond water volume is considered already replaced with new waters, then immediately reduced water circulation;

  3. Perform plankton seed inoculation aiming to replace the dominance of dynoflagellata plankton type within pond waters with a type of plankton that favorable for shrimp life;

  4. Perform regular fertilization which aims to spur the growth of new plankton;

  5. Perform observations on the occurred changes with given treatment associated with both of shrimp conditions and waters quality.
Refers to the above description, then we should be alert when we encounter the phenomenon of "firefly "pond water, and we must not succumb to its beauty, because it can cause serious problems for our shrimps.

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