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21 April, 2008

“Dusty” Pond Water

Discussion related to water quality this time is about "dusty" pond water which is also often encountered in shrimp culture. In accordance with term of condition of "dusty" pond water if observed carefully in water so dirty that caused some "dust" that meets body / layer of waters. In general, the "dusty" water caused by physical particles that are not soluble in water and floating in the waters.

Observations to the condition of "dusty" pond water must be really careful because of size of floating particles in a pond waters are relatively very small, so if not used would be difficult to distinguish between water turbid with this dusty water. Some practical ways and steps to determine the existence of dusty pond water are as follows:
  1. Take a sample of water from the pond by using a glass so the water within it can be seen clearly.

  2. Observe the color of pond water in the glass, and let a few minutes to see if it happens in the process of particles deposition in the water sample.

  3. After a few minutes observe the color of pond water changes in the glass, so that observations should be observed more clearly with a dreamy pond water in glass behind the sun (other light).

  4. If the particles in the water are visible precipitatesso the water is only a murky.

  5. If the pond water in the glass is still visible fine particles that continually float in the water and do not settle, it can be concluded that the condition of the pond at the time was "dusty".

  6. Repeat the above methods on several different locations within a plot of a pond.
"Dusty" pond water if not dealt with immediately, it can cause problems for shrimp conditions, ie disturbances in the gills of shrimp and in a specific time can cause red gills and at severe stage can cause mass mortality of shrimps.

Technical treatment of cultivation alternatives that can be applied are as following:
  1. Continuous water circulation and increased both the frequency and volume. The goal of treatment is to replace it with a new pond water.

  2. Use saponin (not recommended) with a normal dose for binding particles in pond waters.
"Dusty" pond water as well as other water quality problems should not ever be considered trivial, because it can cause serious problems for your shrimps.

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