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20 January, 2008

Why Does The Shrimps Convoy ?

In one cycle of shrimp farming the phenomenon of a convoy sometimes encountered in a ponds. The definition of the shrimp convoy in a simple is shrimp in clustered moves continuously with relatively the same direction around a pond. The shrimps convoy activity can occur any time from the age of shrimp fry to the age before harvested.

The phenomenon of convoy shrimp in a pond is an indication of the existence of a problem, whether it is related to the environment and the surrounding waters of the shrimp itself. As described in the previous explanation that the pond water is a limited aquatic ecosystem in an environment which is only included in the plot of a pond environment, so that the space for organisms / biota (including shrimp) that live in it will be limited as well. Organisms / biota that live in them have no alternative choice to seek another environment, if the balance of the ecosystem in the plot of a pond disturbed.

As the search for an aquatic environment that "comfortable", so if there is a problem in the plot of the ponds shrimp will continue to seek an environment that makes it "home" and because its movement is restricted by the walls of the shrimp ponds can only move around the map the pond is so visible such as convoys.

Shrimp convoy is basically a "body language" of the shrimp (either an individual / mass) as a living thing which suggests that the shrimp need / ask for treatment that can meet their needs, so that what he wanted at that time could be fulfilled. Based on the description above, so it should be a technician / practitioner of shrimp culture to understand the "body language" of prawn (shrimp convoy in this case) in order to anticipate problems early.

Practical methods that can be done to detect what is required when a convoy of shrimp outline is to spread the feed in some places the wall map the pond. The conclusion that can be drawn from the application of this method is as follows:

  1. Shrimp interested in stimulating the feed. This condition is characterized by the activity of shrimp that are quickly approaching the wall of the ponds to consume the feed. If the feed has been washed-up, shrimp will usually look for food in the vicinity and if not found then the shrimp will convoy again. This method can be performed repeatedly until the certainty obtained the same results. Under these conditions it can be concluded that the shrimp ponds was convoys in the pond occurred because it requires feed or in other words the lack of shrimp feed. Decisions taken immediately if encountered this phenomenon is to review the feeding program that has been prepared primarily related to the daily feed in accordance with the requirement level of shrimp.

  2. Shrimp are not interested in stimulating the feed. Although has sown feed, shrimp is still reviewing the convoy around the pond wall. Under these circumstances it can be concluded that the shrimp ponds was convoys due to problems related to water quality. Faced with this sort of thing then do repairs immediately pond waters quality in accordance with shrimp need level (water quality management program has been described in previous discussion).
Understanding the phenomenon of shrimp convoys and handling decisions that need to be applied is an alternative to detect the occurrence of problems in shrimp culture

And to remember is "do not take for granted shrimp convoy, if do not want more serious problems

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