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28 August, 2008

Pond Waters Transparency 01 – Background

Water transparency is a level of sunlight penetration in pond waters that are expressed with units of length. The used instrument to measure the water clarity is seichi dish, there is a dish given black and white colors and connected with a rod / rope handles that have a scale lines.

How to use this tool is to dip into the waters slowly reached into arrive at a certain depth which the seichi dish began invisible, then the level of water transparency can be read on the scale that has been there. Measurement of the waters transparency should be carried out during the day and the weather relatively sunny.

In the pond water waters, water transparency is related closely and inversely with the plankton abundance, especially phytoplankton species that are in these waters, or in other words, the water transparency level higher, so the phytoplankton abundance will lower and conversely the water transparency level more lower, so the phytoplankton abundance in these waters will higher. Pond waters transparency management in terms of plankton abundance is aimed at adjusting the needs of the shrimp which are nocturnal and negative photo taxis thus it’s require a shelter from the effect of direct sunlight.

Phytoplankton is a micro-sized plant that has chlorophyll and it always performs photosynthesis with supported by sunlight. Plankton productivity would increase with the increasing intensity of sunlight into the pond waters, so that the plankton abundance will increase and will also reduce the level of sunlight penetration into the waters. Based on that description, then the water transparency is a variable of the plankton abundance and the sunlight intensity level. This condition can be used as a reference in the pond water transparency management in accordance with the conditions, needs and the characteristic of shrimps.

The waters transparency level which is needed by shrimp relative change according to age increment, are:
  1. Shrimp fry and young shrimps, the required water transparency level is relatively high until translucent to pond bottom.

  2. Adult shrimps, the required water transparency level is about 35 cm - 40 cm or adjust to the shrimps condition.

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