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04 August, 2010

The Layout of Waterwheels on Shrimp Pond

In addition to the basic understanding related to roles and functions of the waterwheel on the shrimp pond, one other aspect that is most important is related to the layout of the waterwheels on the pond.

In a simple, a layout of waterwheels can be interpreted as waterwheel arrangement concerning the number and position of its. At the time operated waterwheels, rounds of waterwheel is expected to produce whirlpool which its can reduce the difference in water quality characteristics in a pond either vertically or horizontally.

Some fundamental things that need to be considered in planning the layout of the waterwheels on a a plot of pond, among others, are as follows:

  1. The number of waterwheels to be used must consider to age of shrimps and the population density of shrimps ina pond. At shrimp fry period (small shrimp), the number of waterwheels that are used are usually less than that of large size shrimp. In addition, a plot of shrimp ponds with a high density level required amount more waterwheels compared to a plot of shrimp ponds that have low levels density. In certain condition, amount of waterwheels can be adjusted with the level of shrimp demand at that time.

  2. The combination of the waterwheels position in a certain amount on a plot of a pond also should be able to generate the whirlpool that is able to direct the sewage pond bottom to the central of outlet channels. Related to this matter, so a determining to the correct position of the waterwheels will be able to assist in the cleaning process of pond bottom. Position of the waterwheels direction depends on the design and construction of plot of pond which is used, so the position and direction of the waterwheels that are applied can differ among ponds each other.

  3. Waterwheel poles construction must be really strong and stable, so when the waterwheels operated water does not cause new problems in the process of shrimp culture.
Referring to the three basic points mentioned above and the basic understanding related to roles and functions of waterwheels in shrimp ponds, it is expected that the water wheel can be operated in an optimal, effective and efficient. Conversely, the layout of waterwheels which is applied carelessly it can be obstacles and problems in a process of shrimp culture.

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