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04 November, 2009

Season Influence Towards Shrimp Culture Process

Season factors have real influence towards shrimp culture process especially related to pond water quality management, condition and quality of shrimps. As tropical country, Indonesia has two seasons that is dry season and rain season which each has different characteristics towards shrimp culture process.

The characteristics related to sun’s rays intensity and rainwater intensity into pond waters. Based on the characteristics difference so it is on the right track if shrimp culture management system in both of season also differ so that doesn't happen treatment error that can harm shrimp culture effort in the period.

The tabulation hereunder is a matrix of difference between dry season and the rains with the influence towards water quality and condition / shrimp quality.

Based on tabulation above seen that sun’s rays intensity very influential towards pond water quality and finally also come along influential to shrimp growth. Although has different characteristics, shrimp culture process in both of season same need accurate handling especially in pond water quality management. The accurate handling is needed as efforts prevents water quality change inclination drastically that caused by the both of season characteristics.

A basic knowledge’s about dry season and the rain season characteristics for shrimp culture process properly has been understood by shrimp culture actors, because in generally shrimp culture process in Indonesia conducted at two season periods in one year according to by turns.

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