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04 March, 2010

Premature Harvest on Shrimp Farming

The definition of premature harvest has explained on discussion before there is a harvesting activity that conducted at a pond with troubled shrimp’s condition before assumed proper to harvest normally. Premature harvest conducted under color of deliberation to depress loss financial level if the condition still defended.

Premature harvest, if reviewed from the profit level is not harm according to financial, because in special condition, size and quality of shrimps although is hit by problem if decision making that taken is correct, so in condition it can obtain financial profit (although not optimal.
Based on it stages, mainly the premature harvest devided to 2 (two) stages, there are: (1) Pre-harvest, and (2) Harvesting Process. Conducted activities on pre-harvest stage is an activity directing to shrimp condition identification and profit level will obtained. Whereas the activities on harvesting process stage is a conducted activity to gather the shrimps from the pond using materials and tools due its can keep harvested shrimp quality.

Pre-harvest Stage

Generally, conducted activities at this stage are:
  1. Identification of trouble/disease affect level. This activity conducted as basic consideration on decision making between treatment decision or harvesting decision with advisability level of conducted shrimp culture process. The needed analysis including kind of diseases and trouble/disease level.

  2. Identification of shrimp condition, covering: (a) shrimp age, (b) average body weight, (c) population, (d) biomass, (e) shrimp’s appetite, and (f) survival rate of shrimps.

  3. Identification of pond bottom. This activity conducted to support activities of item 1 and item 2 above that can justifying decision making process. The identification, including: (a) pond bottom condition, (b) shrimps death level at pond bottom, (c) shrimp carcasses spreading level at pond bottom.

  4. Analysis of profit level. This analysis conducted to minimizing loss level caused by troubled shrimps. The analysis covering: (a) production costs, (b) shrimp size, and (c) shrimp price.
Harvesting Process Stages

Generally, conducted activities at this stage are:
  1. Preparation of materials and transportation to support harvesting process. Its must available before conducted harvesting process to avoid shrimps quality decreasing. The needed materials and tools to prepare, among others are: (a) ice, (b) placed shrimp media (fibre), (c) water pump, (d) harvest transportation, (e) lamp (if it conducted at night), and (f) other supporting materials.

  2. Alleviation of pond water volume. This activity must attend occured tide condition and at a time of conducting this process must avoid a treatment / activities that causing mass moulting shrimps also it effort to collect the shrimps at pond centre.

  3. Pond water high monitoring. Pond water high at harvest process affected to time and difficulty level of harvesting process.

  4. Preparation of placed shrimp media (fibre). This media functioned as shrimp washing media and to support shrimp rigormortis process. The fibre filled with water and given crumbled ice to about 1/6 of high.

  5. Shrimp collecting. This activities among others are: (a) collected shrimps at pond center taken with using collected-net, (b) spreaded shrimps at pond bottom taken one by one, (d) the taken shrimps are the shrimps that still fulfilment to quality standard, (d) before its entranced into media, the shrimps washed at the available prepared media.

    On seriously troubled shrimps, generally its death is spreading at pond bottom and colected at pond center.

  6. Shrimps arrangement into media. The shrimps arranged into media and given ice with ratio 1: 2-3. The given ice is to keep shrimps condition at low temperature, till its quality is not decreasing.

  7. Shrimps delivery. The shrimps delivered to cold storage considering distance, weather, and shrimps quality. Shrimp transfering process to harvest transportation is better to conduct carefully in order to avoid shrimp condition be lack.
At harvesting process stages, several noticed matters are as follows:
  1. Shrimps harvesting process is better to conduct at night to avoid sun’s rays that can affected to shrimps quality.

  2. Shrimps harvesting process is better not conducted at full-moon time to avoid shrimps mass moulting that can decrease shrimps quality.

  3. Turning lamp on to the pond directly is better not causing mass moulting to shrimps.

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