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16 May, 2008

Determination of Shrimp Feed

In the foregoing discussion has explained that based on the type of feed, shrimp are omnivores that is a biota which consume all types of food on the waters especially those living at water bottom (demersal). In the natural habitat, feed types that consumed by shrimp are very varied ranging from detritus, plants and small aquatic animals until carcasses of other biota.

The greedy nature of shrimp to various types of feed that its met, directing the shrimp on cannibalism nature that is consume to other shrimps both in conditions of weak or dead.

In shrimp culture, the type of feed that commonly given / provided to the shrimp, are among other:
  1. Natural feed, there is a type of feed that growth by itself or purposely grown in the plot of a pond and have such properties in their natural habitats.

  2. Artificial feed, there is a shrimp feed that made on an industrial scale with nutrition and nutritional composition in accordance with shrimp requirements and provided for food supply in the ponds with levels of natural feed availability has been depleted completely.

  3. Fresh feed, there is a type of feed derived from animal / aquatic biota that have been processed in such a way and provided on fresh conditions to the shrimp with its aim to improve the quality and condition of shrimp or to boost appetite indicated exposed to certain problems.

  4. Other additional feed, there is a feed as a supplement of artificial feed and can be given in a mixture with artificial feed or separately in order to fill specific nutritional deficiencies of artificial feed.
Although there are several types of feed that can be given to the shrimp, in its application to the four types of feed above are ordinary to given.

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