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04 June, 2008

Artificial Feed for Shrimps

As described in the previous discussion, an artificial feed for shrimp can be interpreted as feed made on an industrial scale with nutrition and nutritional composition in accordance with the requirements of shrimp and provided to supply of feed in a pond with natural feed availability level has thinned / completely empty.

The level of artificial feed use relative different based on applied shrimp farming scale, as will be described below:
  1. In traditional scale of shrimp farming, use of artificial feed is not / rarely used in an implemented feeding pattern. The use of artificial feed is limited to feed based on ability of shrimp farmer individually. The used materials in producing artificial feed include: bran, corn, flour and waste fishes as a mixture. This type of feed is usually used after the shrimp reaching harvested age with an estimated shrimp population relatively large.

  2. 2. On a semi-intensive scale of shrimp farming, the use of artificial feed is more focused on anticipating to occurrence of natural feed shortage based on estimates of shrimp populations that existed at that time. Applied artificial feed is not absolute and more incidentally.

  3. In intensive scale of shrimp farming, the use of artificial feed, especially the industrial scale is absolute as one of requirements of shrimp farming management. Shrimp stocking density that relatively high is one rationale for consideration. Besides a correct application of artificial feed on the scale intensive shrimp farming can help in estimating the condition and growth of shrimps within a pond.
Compared with other feed types, so an artificial feed on industry scale have a characteristic in terms of size and composition of the nutritional value that their contain. Such characteristics are made and determined by the industry based on characteristic and needs of shrimp within a pond.

The size of artificial feed for shrimp is size of feed grains in accordance with shrimp needs at the time and under certain conditions. Based on its size, artificial feed mainly can usually be categorized into types:
  1. Crumble, there is feed grains in the form of powder / fine grain and is commonly used in shrimp density age (fries).

  2. Pellets, there is artificial feed in the form of small granules to coarse grains and is commonly used in adult shrimp until harvested shrimp age.
In addition to size, reviewed based on the composition of nutritional content, artificial feed formulation which has been associated to needs of shrimp growth. Nutrients that usually contained in the artificial feed such as: carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber and some other essential substances needed by shrimps. The nutritional composition may vary depending on size of feed and industrial manufacture. Under certain conditions the artificial feed are combined with supplements substances (including vitamins) to overcome these deficiencies and needed by the shrimp in a state of much needed.

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