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24 December, 2009

Flushing Harvest on Shrimp Farming

At earlier discussion explained in a word that flushing harvest is a harvesting activity that conducted by throw away shrimp population in a pond passes outlet channel through totally water throwing away process.

Based on explanation mentioned above, the used logical basic to decision making related to flushing harvest, as follows:
  1. Level of problems. The meant problems on this discussion is a problem caused by diseases. Flushing harvest conducted if diseases infection to shrimps has extremely.

  2. Shrimp population within pond decreasing drastically. The condition is close relationship with item no.1 mentioned above.

  3. Shrimp size. Flushing harvest conducted if shrimps within pond have very small size (<1 gram) so if conducted with ordinary harvesting methods it just make the process difficulty.
The three logical basic mentioned above have close relationship with production cost that has been and will be spent, so if this condition continued it just will increase profit loss obtained. Viewed on it method, flushing harvest is a most simply shrimp harvesting process, because there is no need harvest tools and other supporting equipments also there is not conducted shrimp taking. Flushing harvest process can be said it almost same with pond water throwing process at water circulation system (pond water quality management). Generally, flushing harvest stages are as follows:
  1. Open all water outlet channel casings including filter gauze exist in the channels, so that water within pond can out fluently so that has strong impetus to throw away shrimp within pond.

  2. Let above mentioned process until water height within pond around 10 cm.

  3. During pond water throwing away process, control towards water outlet channels as anticipation a happening of gagging in channel

  4. If water height has achieved around 10 cm, conduct water entering process into the pond with water outlet channels leave open like at first. This matter is conducted as water impetus increase efforts to throw away shrimp, all at once as beginning flushing process towards pond bottom.

  5. Conduct the stage no. 4 mentioned above until water within pond thrown away totally and conduct pond bottom cleaning if it dirty/muddy condition

  6. Conduct sun-dried to the pond.
At certain cases, flushing harvest can occurred to shrimp that have medium to big size. This case occurred because a fatal error on decision making related to condition and population density prediction of shrimps. After the shrimp infected by disease, this condition is let to come up with very mortally stage without decision making to harvest it immediately. This case make the shrimps viewed on it quality has not sold value while shrimp population has decreased drastically because occure mass death at pond bottom continually and undetected immediately.

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