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03 March, 2008

We Following the Shrimp not the Shrimp Following Us !

Shrimp farming as an establishment that is profit oriented system requires an integrated management of technical aspects, financial, human resources and other resources. Demands of the target to the level of benefits that must be achieved often makes us conditioned by the shrimp farming systems approach to financial rates of return without considering the level of demand of shrimp that becomes an aquaculture object.

In this condition, technically culture systems will be applied have been prepared in detail based on the time scale by reference to the level of benefits to be gained. If we are trapped in conditions like this, then the output which should be optimized to be not optimal or even can lead to serious problems of the shrimp condition.

One variable that often makes us trapped in a situation like the one above is the aspect of feed. Shrimp feed is the biggest contributor in the cost / production cost of a prawn farming, so that in the cultivation process in one period often become feeding programs variable that have strict enough controls. Feeding program is structured in such a way as to be able to predict the value of FCR (Food Conversion Ratio) and the value of benefits regardless of the growth rate of shrimp need to feed in real terms, Feeding program that made it is really good if in accordance with the requirements of shrimp, but will be otherwise if it turns out to feed the shrimp need level in real terms was larger than we have given. Of course the things like this can produce outputs that are not optimal or even can cause more serious problems.

Other technical aspect that same with discussion above is water management system, so it often directing us to situation like culturing water not culturing shrimp. This aspect if not to be appropriated with shrim need level, it can becoming a serious result for shrimp culture. There is not profit that we get, but a big financial loss that we’ll be obtained.

Referring to the above description, in the run the shrimp farming then we must create the conditions are: we following the shrimps, not the shrimps following us. In simple, to create such conditions is through observation of behavior and needs of the shrimp in a more thorough, intensive and disciplin.

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