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28 November, 2009

Shrimp Harvesting

Shrimp harvesting is a final phase from one period cycle of shrimp culture, because with implemented shrimp harvest in a pond so there is no shrimp culture process again in the period. Simply, shrimp harvesting can be meant as shrimp harvest process in a pond as cultivation process result in one period.

A decision related to shrimp harvest in a pond based on the condition, size and quality of shrimps within the pond compared with another production cost variable.

Reviewed from the caused factors, shrimp harvest mainly can be grouped on 2 (two) groups there are: (1) normal harvest, and (2) troubled harvest.

Normal Harvest

Normal harvest is a harvest activity conducted at a pond based on the condition, size and quality of shrimps within a pond assumed fulfill rules to harvested so that can produce financial profit level such as supposed.

Troubled Harvest

Troubled harvest is a harvest activity conducted at a pond with shrimp on hit a problem condition. The decision making to conduct a troubled harvest is to depress loss financial level otherwise conduct harvest immediately. Based on the kind, troubled harvest can be grouped on 2 (two) kinds, there are:
  1. Flushing harvest is a harvesting activity that conducted by throw away shrimp population within a pond passes outlet channel through throw away water process totally. Flushing harvest usually conducted in troubled shrimp with its size still relative small (first month phase) and the population decrease drastically, so if condition likes this continued only will enlarge loss level that be obtained.

  2. Premature harvest is a harvesting activity that conducted at a pond with troubled shrimps condition before assumed proper to harvested normally. Premature harvest conducted under color of deliberation to depress loss financial level if the condition defended. The premature harvest method equal to normal harvest, that is through certain stages and equipments that needed (be discussed on a part discussion).

    Premature harvest, if reviewed from the profit level is not harm according to financial, because in special condition, size and quality of shrimps although is hit by problem if decision making that taken is correct, so in condition it can obtain financial profit (although not optimal).
Mainly, a decision making related to troubled harvest activity must fast based on deliberation of two variables there are:
  1. Troubleshoot level of shrimps. Like have been known, the shrimp troubleshoot basically can appear caused by shrimp-itself condition factor also infected by a disease kind. Troubled harvest more many conducted in a pond with shrimp is hit problem, so that decision making related harvesting necessary take quickly and accurate so that doesn’t evoke a larger ones loss.

  2. Financial profit level, that is comparison between sold price of shrimp that harvested because a trouble compared with production cost that take until the moment.
Shrimp harvest activity although as a final phase of shrimp culture process in one period cycle (especially for normal harvest) is a vital importance stage to be understood. Shrimp quality and behavior is a basic knowledge necessary to understood at conduct shrimp harvesting. At some stage (often met at field) shrimp quality becoming quality depreciation significantly at the harvesting time, so that indirectly influential towards shrimp sells price and profit level that obtained not optimal.

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