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19 June, 2009

Be Loyal To One of Shrimp Feed Brand

On shrimp farming (especially on intensive scale) artificial feed have an importance, because needed to fulfill feed requirement of shrimp population a pond. This condition then stimulating feed producers/companies to use much kind of marketing strategies to offer their product to be used on shrimp farming.

Many kind of choices and offering of shrimp feed that able to be used of course can make confuse to shrimp farming actors to determine a brand of artificial shrimp feed to be used.

The discussion related to recognize quality of shrimp feed practically like have been explained before expected can be made as one of reference in determination of shrimp feed to be used. On implementation, feeding program at a shrimp farming is often met feed usage from various brand in one period.

The condition like above mentioned happen caused by mistake of perception among shrimp farming actors to feed product from selected brand. As illustration: shrimp feed with A brand nicely for fry, shrimp feed with B brand nicely for shrimps at age of 2 months to 3 months, while shrimp feed with C brand nicely for shrimp at age nearing harvesting time. Pursuant to the illustration, hence is often met in one period of shrimp farming used feed consist of many kind of brand.

Always flitted brand of shrimp feeds at one period of shrimp farming can influence to quality and condition of shrimp under color of idea as follows:
  1. Shrimp feed produced at scale industry have characteristic relative differ between feed brands. The differences indirectly oblige the shrimp to do an adaptation before accustomed to the feed. If at one period of shrimp farming done many times commutation of feed brands, hence shrimp “ forced” to always to do adaptation to given feed.

  2. At conducting adaptation to given feed, usually the shrimp get a degradation of feed consume level. This condition indirectly also have an effect to shrimp endurance to diseases / problems. If around environmental condition (internal and external) is not conducive hence this matter can become stimulator of more serious problems for shrimp population within the pond.
In connection with above mentioned rationale, hence feed usage to be given to shrimp better come from one feed brand. Determination of feed brand to be used of course have to relate to criteria’s which have been determined (related discussion of this matter have been explained before).

.... be loyal to one of shrimp feed brand that you’re sure its quality

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