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07 May, 2010

Proposal Preparation of Shrimp Farming 02 – Technical Proposal

In the foregoing discussion has explained, in generally an activities proposal consists of two types, namely: (i) Technical Proposal, and (ii) The Financial Proposal. Basically, viewed of its substance, a technical proposal is consists understanding of how to implement the activities proposed,

starting from preparation stage to completion stage of work (in certain activities even till to post-completion stage of work). Based on the above description, it can be said that a technical proposal can reflect the skills / expertise / professionalism of the party who filed the proposed activity.

In an effort to produce a technical proposal that systematic, focused and logical then need to be designed writing outline of technical proposals. The writing outline that used for a tender purpose is usually determined by the tender committee in accordance with requirements documents. In general, used outline of the technical proposal are among others:
  1. Introduction, which includes background, objectives, scope of work, expected output, time period and location of activities.

  2. Understanding of the proposed activities.

  3. Approaches and methodologies used in activities implementation.

  4. Organization of personnel team.

  5. Work plan and work schedule.

  6. Profile of the parties who will carry out these activities (optional).
In more detailed explanation about the technical proposal outline mentioned above will be described in discussion below.

A. Introduction
  1. Background. In this section, describe clearly some things that become a background of the proposed activities (regulation, policy, development plans, both national and local area, etc.)

  2. Objectives. In this section, describe the purpose of proposed activities so that it can be seen any tangible benefits from these activities.

  3. Scope of Work. In this section, describe the scope of activities to be undertaken to achieve the intended objectives.

  4. Outputs. In this section, describe about the expected results after the proposed activities are completed. In addition, this section would be great if added outcome (long-term output) in order to see the benefits of the proposed activities also have long-term impacts.

  5. Time period. In this section describes the length and time limits for conducting the proposed activities.

  6. Location of Activities. In this section describes the location / place of the proposed activity.
B. Understanding the Proposed Activities

Although this section is optional, but in preparation of technical proposal this part , should be included as a strategy and justification that we understand very well what will be done in carrying out these activities. Understanding of the proposed activities, in general includes: (i) understanding of the policies of both national and regional development, (ii) understanding the scope of activities in general (specifically should be addressed in part the approach and methodology), and (iii) understanding of activities related to geographical location, potential and constraints of local resources, as well as data and information related to the proposed activity areas.

C. Used approaches and methodologies

Approaches and methodology can be considered as a "soul" of a technical proposal, because it "represents" our ability in carrying out the proposed activities as effective, efficient, acceptable and satisfies to all parties concerned.

Some aspects that need to be displayed in this section, among others, are as follows:
  1. Approaches. This section is more emphasis on "what" that can be used as a rationale in implementation of this proposed activities. Proposed approach can be a regulatory approach to "umbrella" of legality, both national and local, areas approach (accessibilities, acceptabilities, potencies and constraints, etc.) as well as fundamental theoretical approach in the preparation methodology.

  2. Logical Framework. This section is a framework of activities implementation, connecting between purposes, approach, process, output and outcome of this proposed activity. Logical framework in the technical proposals is used as reference in methodology preparation to be applied and its presentation is usually in the form of tabulations or flowcharts.

  3. Methodology. Preparation of a methodology should be done after the logical framework has been completed, so the methodology can be more systematic, focused and logic in accordance with the stages of proposed activities implementation
As a "soul" of the technical proposal the approach and methodology shall be recommended was developed by the parties who have expertise associated with these proposed activities.

Organization of personnel team

This section describes the needs of personnel as implementers of activities arranged based on required duties and skills in implementing of the proposed activities. Also would be great if we can describe the organizational structure of the personnel team so it can be seen the flows of coordination and responsibility of the team's.

Work Plan and Work Schedule

A work plan is a translation of the methodology based on the work stages from preparation, implementation of work until the completion of the work (in a particular also requested the reporting stage). This section also described the involvement of personnel needed in each stage of the work.

The work schedule is a description associated with the stages and activities based on time allocation in accordance with certain time limits have been determined. This schedule is usually expressed through the tabulation in the bar chart form.

Profile of who will carry out activities

Although it’s are optional, in the technical proposal also should show the profile of the party who will carry out the proposed activities. Based on this section the clients know the experience and ability of the implementer candidates of these activities.

The outline composition like mentioned above is not absolute because it depends on the "taste" of each relevant parties.

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