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01 December, 2007

Partnership System Concept on Shrimp Culture 02 - Logical Basic

Development of shrimp farming area with a partnership is basically an activity that requires a substantial investment in either the form of land and provision of financial and human resources that involve relatively large. These conditions demand a development planning thoroughly through some specific approaches, because faced with several global issues which are struck Indonesia today, which among other :

  1. The monetary crisis that can affect the disbursement of capital for the development of a business.

  2. Social conditions are not conducive as a result of economic crises that can affect the 'security climate ' in the area of shrimp farming development.

  3. The concept of autonomy demands the shrimp farming development in harmony with the existing spatial concepts to avoid conflicts of interest.

  4. 'Sense of ownership' from the plasma is still weak to further develop its business so that it appears the impression simply "ride to live" in the area shrimp farming development .

  5. Position of farmers are still weak in the shrimp marketing system that is still controlled by powerful businessmen in capital.

  6. The concept of partnership which has so far been applied has not led to a balance of interests between the core (company) and plasma, but more likely to side with the core (company) so it is often a conflict between the two.
In an effort to minimize the problems mentioned above, the basic principles that will be developed in the approach to the development of shrimp farming areas are as follows:
  1. Shrimp farming development area should refer to the concept of local and regional spatial and local government policies related to these activities.

  2. Feasibility pond area should start with the bearing capacity and suitability of land and local waters and impact will be generated for the surrounding environment.

  3. Development of shrimp farming areas should consider factors of accessibility and social akseptabiltas local communities in order to create a guaranteed conduciveness.

  4. Shrimp farming area development program must consider the value of benefits for local communities and local government.

  5. The partnership should be based on improving the welfare of farmers both in short and long term.

  6. Planning of shrimp pond area should refer to accessibility the provision of supporting facilities of aquaculture activities (from fry until the shrimp marketing) whether of location and the surrounding areas.

  7. Shrimp farming development area should be able to accommodate the public interest for communities within the region.

  8. Credit system and the system of cooperation, and developed cultivation technologies should really poured in a systematic concept and lead to the financial feasibility.
The development of shrimp farming partnerships as a concept that integrated with national and local development in the coverage and a wider dimension, the planning process-oriented socio-economic empowerment of communities in a sustainable manner within the framework of a harmonious relationship between natural resources, human and other supporting aspects.

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