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06 February, 2008

Shrimp Farming Area Development (3) – Micro Area Approach

In a micro, the area development of shrimp farming is an area within the shrimp farming area that is used for all activities of farming activities and perpetrator of cultivation. Taken approach should be based on the concept of cultivation areas that are safe, comfortable and conducive to the cultivation of all actors in implementing its activities in the area.

Some aspects to be considered among other:
  1. Shrimp farming area has a 'green belt' and a breakwater to protect the marine abrasion in the area;

  2. Shrimp farming area is an integrated area between the area of cultivation, residential, office, logistics, farming tools, etc.;

  3. Cultivation area is the integrated area between the plot of a pond, a inlet channel and outlet channel of water, electricity, etc.;

  4. Shrimp farming area has good transport facilities both land and water to support the activity in / out location of pond;

  5. Especially for the land plot of ponds: (i) soil type is not a 'poreous' ground which can cause fluctuations in pond water volume, (ii) Land is not 'ferrite', which can endanger the life of shrimps, (iii) The structure and construction of pond in accordance with the level tidal influence on the process of pond water circulation, (iv) farms land area has access for cultivation activities and cultivation actors;

  6. Shrimp farming area development must be environmentally oriented.

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