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17 November, 2007

Partnership System Concept on Shrimp Culture 0 1 - Background

Basically, a partnership is a form of mutually beneficial business partnership between capital owners / companies with a few individuals / groups in carrying out certain activities that are 'profit oriented'. The pattern of cooperation was better known as the Community Core Company, where the line owner partnership / company called core capital and individual / group of beneficiaries in the capital called plasma.

The partnership is a form of regional development through local economic development based on community economics which the implementation of more emphasis on the development side with the community. Provided assistance more focused on business loans and working capital loans from government to individuals / groups through corporate and how to return through the system for the results obtained from running the business profits under the provisions that have been agreed upon.

Implementation of partnership in shrimp farming development of is one manifestation of government policy as an effort to improve the welfare of the community by utilizing human and natural resources (coastal) and the existing financial and in line with community economic programs. Which acts as the core component is a strong company or entrepreneur in the capital, while the plasma consists of a group of farmers who have the aquaculture technical ability but lack of capital.

Assistance provided by the core (company) formed credit obtained from the government with the plasma as collateral, while the repayment system is achieved through sharing of benefits arising from the activities of plasma conducting. Loans from the core (company) includes a cover of shrimp farming capital loans and settlement of land ownership along with supporting facilities, as well as working capital loans in the form of capital required to implement the process of aquaculture activities (shrimp, aquaculture means, harvesting and other support facilities). Conducted credit system is implemented through an agreement approved by the core (company) and the plasma as outlined in the agreement, which contains among other:

  1. Kind of credit;
  2. Value of credit;
  3. Period of credit;
  4. Status of land ownership.
The main factor to consider is the transparency in implementing a credit system, especially the accountability of credit rating development of plasma based on the cultivation period. Providing such information is necessary to maintain harmony and not cause a crisis of confidence between both parties which in turn can lead to conflict in the development of shrimp farming activities.

In addition to the above credit system, the concept of partnerships cooperative also require a working agreement between the core (company) with the plasma as an effort to form a working system in carrying out farming activities in the area of shrimp culture development. Mainly, viewed from structural and functional between the core (company) and the plasma is a work partners, so that it requires a clear dividing line in regulating employment relationships in order to avoid "overlapping" of rights and obligations of each. Work system is usually included, among other:
  1. Qualifications and requirements.
  2. Rights and obligations.
  3. Structural and functional hierarchy;
  4. Rewards and punishment;
  5. Partnership termination;
  6. etc.
The system would also have to work through mutual agreement between the core (company) and the plasma so that the shrimp farm development activities with the partnership can work in harmony / harmonious atmosphere conducive to a badly needed in the smooth process of aquaculture activities.

As an illustration of the partnership system can be seen in Concept of Partnership System.pdf

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