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20 December, 2007

Preparation of Shrimp Farming Development Program with Partnership System - Framework

Referring to the description of the background and rationale of the concept of partnership system in the cultivation of shrimp that have been described in the foregoing discussion, the one thing that really matters is the process of preparing an integrated system of partnerships with shrimp farming itself.

In an effort to obtain a system of partnership in the shrimp farming business in accordance with the conditions and carrying capacity of a region (regulatory / legal, spatial planning, land, territorial, demographic, Estate, HR, etc) it needs to create a framework in detail. Those concepts is a flow of activities that are arranged in a systematic process of collecting data / information, analysis process to obtain an output as expected.

As an illustration of a frame of mind in the preparation of the partnership system in shrimp farming can be seen in Logical Framework Illustration.pdf

In illustration of those concepts can be seen that the early stage needs to be done is to collect data / information associated with:

  1. Government policy (Central / Regional)
  2. Spatial use
  3. Location planning border
  4. Climate and weather conditions
  5. Water conditions
  6. Land conditions
  7. Location of supporting the process of aquaculture activities
  8. Socio-economic conditions
  9. Price level
The next stage is analysis based on data / information already collected. Some analysis can be done include:
  1. Partnership concept analysis
  2. Shrimp farming development policy analysis
  3. Analysis to determine the location of shrimp pond
  4. Analysis weather and climate capacity
  5. Water carrying capacity analysis
  6. Land carrying capacity analysis
  7. Analysis of bearing capacity of supporting the location of the activity
  8. Analysis of social demography
  9. Analysis of Financial
After analysis process, it is expected that the formulation can be made of shrimp pond area of development issues and formulating a partnership strategy that will be applied. Through the process of formulation of these (problems and strategies) can be prepared the next sub-package of shrimp pond area development planning partnership, namely
  1. Planning of partnership system
  2. Planning of Cantonal System of shrimp farming development
  3. Planning of design and construction of shrimp pond
  4. Planning of shrimp culture technology
  5. Planning of transportation system
  6. Planning of shrimp culture facilities procurement
  7. Planning of fry procurement system
  8. Planning of marketing system
  9. Planning of human resources management
  10. Planning of financial system
Some sub-package of planning as described above, the next will produce sub-system program that will eventually form a shrimp culture area development program with partnerships.

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