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02 May, 2010

Proposal Preparation of Shrimp Farming 01 - Basic Understanding

The discussion about proposal preparation of shrimp farming more emphasis on basic understanding of how to craft a proposed shrimp farming activities as well as efforts to respond to questions and requests of several visitors of this blog associated with shrimp farming proposal that submitted by email or mobile.

Understanding of proposals is a plan as outlined in the draft form of work (that project has not been approved by the client). Referring to these definitions, in a simple, notion of the shrimp farming proposal is a planned construction / development of shrimp farming to be carried out in an area and specified at time period proposed to agencies / private sectors/ organizations as a potential funders in order to finance the proposed these activities.

Viewed from its procurement systems, a proposal document may be filed based on:
  1. A prepared proposal documents based on tender/auction system held by the agencies / private sectors / organizations. In this system, each of the bidders who have passed a qualification phase will be invited to submit the proposal documents (technical and cost). Usually, the substance of the proposals has been determined based on terms of reference, so the proposal document must accommodate that terms of reference.

  2. Proposal document based on initiative of individuals / publics / organizations / groups who see an opportunity of a business / activities that can be developed in an area. This proposal document then offered to institutions/private that can be expected funders from this proposed activity.
In the substance of a proposal usually consists of two kinds, there are:
  1. Technical Proposal, there is a proposal document containing descriptions of proposed activities related to (i) background that also includes the objectives, scope of work, the scope of areas, expected results / outputs, (i) understanding of the activities to be undertaken, (ii) approaches and methodology to be used, (iii) the composition of personnel who will be involved and a description of their duties, (iv) work plan, and (v) work schedule.

  2. Costs Proposal, there is a document containing proposals on the description of the cost needs to be issued in the implementation of activities in accordance with the technical proposal document.
Both types of proposals mentioned above, in the preparation should be contained a logical fit with each other so that the proposed activity s a reasonable activity to be carried out. Refers to the substance, then a proposal should be prepared by the party who really understand the scope of controlled substances and the work to be done.

A few fundamental principles that need to be considered in the preparation of a proposal include the following:
  1. Systematic. A proposal should be prepared in a systematic way so that the flow of activities and the proposed allocation of costs is more easily understood by the client, so expected the proposal if reads firstly, it would "stimulate 'to continue until the end of the proposal.

  2. Focus. A preparation of the proposal must be focused on proposed project that delivered, primarily that related to the scope of work, the scope of the area, and the used methodology. Proposals that do not focus would obscure the real essence of substance.

  3. Logic. A proposal must be logically related to a correlation between the objectives, scope of work, methodology and expected results. Illogical proposals will only be shown on the clients that we did not control and do not understand the substance of this proposed activity.

  4. Fairly. This principle is further emphasized in the costs proposal preparation refers to the technical proposal. Submitted cost proposal should be based on reasonable prices that prevail in certain areas and at certain times. Although the submitted technical proposals had to meet the three items principles above mentioned, but if the proposed costs are not fair then submitted proposals will be considered as something that is not feasible to do.
Understanding of the activities proposal preparation principles as mentioned above is expected to be basis for shrimp farming implementors in preparing a good activity proposal that is expected to further promote shrimp farming in Indonesia.

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