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06 April, 2009

The Concept of Traditional Shrimp Farmer Empowerment

Generally, empowerment is a striving to improve the energy, or strength from inside that strengthened or supported by lasing elements from outside. Therefore, the conception of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment intrinsically is a concept that growing and also improving ability of traditional shrimp farmers in problem solving or developing their pre-eminent potencies, which pushed by environmental factor and elements from outside.

Traditional shrimp farmer empowerment can be viewed as a concept of community economic development especially in the coastal area which embraces the social values. Traditional shrimp farmer empowerment very close with sustainable coastal area development because it contains efforts improvement of shrimp famer ability to develop shrimp farming up at better which continually. Conducted improvement not even to people as individually, but extending into shrimp famer itself and their environment.

The concept of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment has broader meaning from simply effort accomplishment of basic need or reducing poorness. This concept touch the growth aspects, generalization and improvement of ability of traditional shrimp farmer at dimensions which supporting each other and it is not oppose to growth and generalization, however making related/relevant at both of that.

Based on logical basic like above mentioned, the objectives of the concept of traditional shrimp culture empowerment are:
  1. Discharging traditional shrimp farmers (specially who weakest) from disadvantaged situation either through economics and technology capability.

  2. Strengthening position of traditional shrimp farmer especially who weak and disadvantage in development mechanism and structure so it can strengthen "bargaining position" with stronger other sides, so that will grow relationship closely and at next stage can growing equivalent partnership and profiting each other.
As above description, the concept of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment needed to see from three sides as follows:
  1. Creating situation that conducive to expand potency of traditional shrimp farmer. The situation is very needed to build the energy of traditional shrimp farmer through supported motivation and awaken awareness of their owned potency.

  2. Strengthen the potency or owned energy of traditional shrimp farmer. As effort to strengthen the society potency, concerning ready various inputs, opening of the opportunities that make powered traditional shrimp farmer, and the important one is to educating traditional shrimp farmer to be more skillful in exploiting ready input of the opportunities.

  3. Protecting the empowerment process so who weak are not increase to weaken because his disability on facing the other strength.
The process of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment will only grow at full speed if fulfilling of it some prerequisites of claimed conditions for example:
  1. Existence of policy framework of settled and clear development to develop the concept of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment. Without strong and clear existence of wisdom, hence the process empowerment will not work better and the society feel to be played tricks on the process.

  2. Existence of transparent mechanism within process of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment. The transparent mechanism will generate well-balanced and healthy emulation. The transparent mechanism will grow also well-balanced treatment to the strengths and to the weak. Thereby, transparent mechanism have close relationship with growth of potencies or the real energy which owned by the society, it is not with an illusion which many supported by power and facility.
Based on above mentioned description, hence the effort of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment is having to directional clearly. Traditional shrimp farmer empowerment have to be addressed directly to group of shrimp farmer who most least get the development benefit.

Main approach of traditional shrimp farmer empowerment is the society become development subject and not become object of development project. The participation of society of traditional shrimp farmers need to organized, because organization is important strength resource. Approach of group looked into very effective in organizing various potency on society of traditional shrimp farmers. But that way, the participation and growing of society groups of traditional shrimp farmers is needed to support by assistance effort, to be formed a directional effort and filling each other with other development efforts.

Traditional shrimp farmer’s empowerment as a basic strategy of development needs the appropriate bureaucracy. Structure and mechanism which supporting the empowerment needed to develop, specially that placing the society of traditional shrimp farmers as protagonist and subject of development and not predominated by just bureaucracy again. The improvement of bureaucracy human resource is insufficient just to move change, therefore the system and bureaucracy rule even also needed to accommodate [so that enabling the society personate the protagonist and subject of development. A centered structure upward requires pulling closer up especially to society so that clearly conventional role that is arranging life and society business activity. That way also the bureaucracy mechanism that supporting the traditional shrimp farmers empowerment needed to grow passing the effort to start its process from desires of society, then formulated, processes and developed furthermore become activities of development.

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