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23 April, 2008

Concept of Shrimp Farming Development 01 - Background

Basically, shrimp farming is an activity to growth as well as maintenance of shrimps in ponds, by providing a particular environmental conditions appropriate for shrimp reared in a time period until condition of shrimps is considered financially feasible to utilized.

Shrimp farming has several distinct characteristics compared with a cultivation of food crops, namely:
  1. Invisible Object, which means all behavior of the shrimps in ponds can not be observed directly because it was blocked by waters as their habitat.

  2. Sensitivity of shrimp. When compared with their natural environment then within the pond waters which as artificial habitat, shrimp is very sensitive to changes in the environment either due to natural factors (changing seasons, weather, water), and also because of technical treatment implemented to the ponds.

  3. Standard of cultivation technology that still relatively. The absence of science and technology that is empirical that can guarantee the success of shrimp culture with certainty. Used technologies more through balanced water ecosystem approach ashabitat for shrimp, so the shrimp do not stress and not make problem.

  4. Require high investments and large land.

  5. Has a high rate of return and high business risk. The high price of shrimp can provide high profit if farming activities are carried out successfully, otherwise inadequate technical capabilities factors and the changing climate and social conduciveness surrounding environment make shrimp farming is very susceptible to production failure.

  6. Perishable. Shrimp is a commodity that is easy to rot, so that handling during harvest should really pay attention to temperature factor so quality can be maintained.
The shrimp farming development concept is influenced by four main factors, namely (1) waters, (2) land, (3) cultivation technology, and (4) human resources, each of which represents a unity that can not be separated. In view of shrimp farmimg is an profit oriented activity, hence the approach to the four factors must be conditioned on an approach that leads to safety and financially comfortable for the actors who are involved in farming activities.

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