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12 June, 2011

Beware to Cannibalism among Shrimps

Viewed from the aspects of biology, shrimps have its own characteristics compared to other biota. Some of the unique natures of shrimps have been described in earlier discussion (as being nocturnal animals, and as negative phototaxis animal). One of the other characteristics of the shrimps is the nature of cannibalism among the shrimps.

In this discussion, cannibalism among the shrimps can be interpreted as characteristics to prey on other shrimps at certain times. Understanding of cannibalism characteristics in the shrimps closely associated with feeding programs and the level of shrimp uniformity.

Cannibalism in the shrimp usually occurs in conditions of food availability in the water needed by the shrimp ponds had very low amounts. In this condition the process of predation / cannibalism that occurs are as follows:
  1. The shrimps with normal conditions will prey other shrimps on weak condition
  2. The shrimps with larger size will prey smaller sized shrimps
Cannibalism among shrimps can occur in a pond waters caused by two main factors namely; (1) feeding programs applied not meet to the shrimps need level at certain times and this condition was not immediately anticipated, (2) the level of shrimp uniformity in the pond waters are very high, so the size of shrimps is varies between small to big.

As a main result of the process of cannibalism among the shrimps is the decreasing population of shrimps in the pond waters. Another result that could have caused by cannibalism among the shrimps is the process of disease transmission if the consumed shrimp is infected by the disease consumed by another shrimp. On condition of pond waters with initial population is very dense, the process of cannibalism among the shrimps that are not immediately anticipated may also cause the value of FCR (Food Conversion Ratio) is high. This condition will indirectly reduce the level of financial benefits that should be obtained.

Some factors to be considered to minimize the occurrence of cannibalism among shrimps, among others are:
  1. Feeding programs should be implemented by following the shrimp need level based on the careful observation
  2. In the early period of shrimp culture, the shrimp fries be stocked should have the same uniformity, so that the process of growth does not have the size of shrimp that is too conspicuous to one another.
  3. Observe the digestive of shrimp and shrimp feces routinely to detect the onset of the process of cannibalism that has happened and will happen
Referring to the above description, the knowledge about the characteristics cannibalism among the shrimps should be understood by the shrimp culture technicians as an effort to avoid more serious problems, both technical and financial benefits.

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