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09 April, 2008

The "Mossy" Shrimps

Shrimp conditions is one of factors that determine the success of cultivation due to an effect on shrimp quality that indirectly participate in determining price of produced shrimp (an explanation of the concept of quality and size in determining the prices can see here). One of the parameters which frequently encountered in pond is mossy shrimp and in accordance with the term then in these conditions the shrimp's body covered with moss, so often referred to by the term "jacketed shrimp".

The moss growth on the shrimp's body is certainly an effect on the shrimp in performing life activities, even in severe stages of the shrimp will be passive and porous. Refers to the condition, so if in a pond have mossy shrimps at largely levels will indirectly affect the quality of shrimp that will be generated. Stages of the emergence of mossy shrimp usually are as follows:
  1. Water transparency is very high even to through the pond bottom;

  2. Plankton is hard performed due to lack of plankton seeds in pond waters;

  3. Use fertilizer with a high dose;

  4. Caused by items 1 and 2 above and occurred in a long time, it stimulated the growth of moss in pond bottom;

  5. Moss gradually began to grow in shrimp body.
In an effort to anticipate the problems mentioned above, the technical treatment of cultivation that can be applied are as follows:
  1. A gradual replacement of pond water;

  2. Perform inoculate plankton seeds;

  3. Use of appropriate doses of fertilizers;

  4. Mossy shrimp condition at a severe stage can be used with a normal dose of saponin to stimulate the process of moulting in shrimp (not recommended)
Based on the description above there is one fundamental note of shrimp mossy, namely moss can be lost if the shrimp do the 'molting' normally.

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