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19 March, 2008

Concept of Size and Quality of Shrimp In Determining Price

Understanding of size and quality of shrimp is closely related to the marketing aspects of shrimp which is a last stage to be able to start cultivating for next period. Unlike other commodities, shrimp is a 'high-perishable' commodity so time handling before it is marketed require the concept of 'fast and simple handling' in order to avoid loss of quality of shrimp, because degradation of shrimp quality significantly affect to sale price.

Several factors can affect the quality of shrimp, are among others:
  1. Shrimp get in trouble / disease that should be decided premature harvest;

  2. Effect of technical cultivation 'treatment' just before shrimp harvested;

  3. Effect of harvest timing causing mass 'molting' shrimp;

  4. Pond bottom conditions that allow shrimp scraped body parts at the time of harvest;

  5. Shrimp harvesting technique;

  6. Harvest time;

  7. Availability of cooling (ice);

  8. Availability of transportation facilities;

  9. Transportation time.
After going through harvesting process then the shrimp are handled by cold storage to do shrimp sorting based on size and quality of shrimp to determine the standard price of shrimp.

Size definition is amount contained in one kilogram, so the bigger the shrimp the size will be smaller in size

Besides size, other aspects that affect the price of shrimp is the quality of the shrimp itself. The quality standards used include:
  1. First Quality (FQ), the shrimp under normal circumstances and its body parts intact and undamaged;

  2. Second Quality (SQ), the shrimp in a normal condition as well as parts of its body intact but there are scratched or slightly damaged;

  3. Below Standard (BS), the shrimp that have been damaged physically.
Referring to the concept of size and quality of shrimp then the selling price of shrimp was obtained through calculating the percentage of the overall size and quality of shrimps of the total weight multiplied by the price based on size and its quality.

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