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22 February, 2008

Love Your Shrimp

Shrimp is like a baby and you are a mother ... ....
then they will give you more ... ..

A sentence fragment above is one of a philosophical point of view other than technical aspects of shrimp farming, Shrimp is a creature that has desires and needs for survival. In their natural habitat, shrimp freely determine and choose how to meet those needs.

On the shrimp farming, shrimp brought in an artificial habitat that is limited by the walls of the ponds, so that this condition can be described as "prison" for the shrimp. In the artificial habitat for shrimp are sometimes not comfortable that caused some "X" factors in the pond. Faced with this situation, the shrimp just signaled through "body language" as an attempt to remind the "nanny" to make him uncomfortable conditions immediately repaired in accordance with the wishes and needs. If the shrimp can "talk", then have a situation like the one above the shrimp will directly ask for help to the "nanny".

A baby, since born has had a desire and a need for survival. Because of its limitations (unable to walk, could not speak, etc.) then as an effort to meet these needs, the baby will provide sign language to those who cared for him. If he was treated with loving care, then the baby will recognize anyone who cared for him and if it grows large and mature later will return the love that has been given to him.

Believe it or not …………………… try to prove!

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