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03 June, 2011

Shrimps are Negative Phototaxis Animal

In the previous discussion has been discussed about the shrimps as nocturnal animal (active at night). The discussion is closely related to the negative phototaxis nature owned by the shrimps. Negative phototaxis can be defined briefly as the orientation and movement of an organism away from the source of a light stimulus.

To be sure that the shrimp has a negative phototaxis nature, a treatment can be done is to give light stimuli (can use a flashlight) to the shrimps that looks active on the edge of pond. Get the treatment, the shrimps will go away towards the light source. This treatment is clearly visible result if done at night.

The nature of negative phototaxis on shrimps is the primary basis of the shrimp culture technical applications, especially to the pond water quality management. The management of plankton in the pond water is closely related to efforts to provide comfortable for the shrimps from the influence of direct sunlight penetration. Referring to this rationale, the level of plankton stability in the pond water is very important for the condition and quality of shrimps within it.

Another thing that needs attention related to negative phototaxis nature, among others are:
  1. At the time of pond water volume reduction in large amount conducted at night, should be avoided as the treatment of excessive pond lights. This can cause the shrimp will feel stress which can lead to mass molting shrimps.
  2. At the time of full moon (not in cloud conditions) should be avoided technical treatments that are too extreme, because at that time the shrimps are tend to do molting.
  3. At the time of harvesting shrimp which is conducted at night, should be avoided l the treatment of excessive pond lights at the time of pond water is still high. Similar to the explanation of item no. 1 above, it is feared that mass molting shrimp occurred so it have an effect on the condition and quality of shrimp that are harvested as well as an effect on the selling price of shrimps.
The nature of negative phototaxis on shrimp also can be used as indicator of shrimp condition at a certain moment. In normal shrimp, the shrimp will immediately react (away) against the stimuli of light. In contrast to the shrimp which is indication affected by a problem (disease) is more passive to light stimuli are given, even in serious conditions, the shrimp did not react at all despite being given light stimuli.

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