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11 April, 2008

Broken Tail On Shrimp

At a time of observing shrimp condition of in ponds, we often find shrimp with the tail was damaged by the varied damage level from minor damage (broken tail only slightly) to the severe level (shrimp almost no tail.

Broken tail as one of shrimp conditions parameters also affect of shrimp quality that will be produced (an explanation of the concept of quality and size in determining the price can click here). There are two main factors that could cause broken tail on shrimp, namely:
  1. Cannibalism, shrimp tails damaged because there is cannibalism among the shrimp in a population within a pond. Damage caused by cannibalism factor is usually marked with broken tail with it is not accompanied by small bumps. Cannibalism factor caused more by lack of feed given to shrimp in ponds.

  2. Bad pond water quality.

  3. Dirty pond bottom. Tail damage caused by items 2 and 3 are usually accompanied by a small bump on the edges. The indication/symptom broken tail occurrence is caused by a factor of 2 and 3, among other : (1) There are small lumps on tail tip and if it massaged with your fingers the lump is mucus, (2) After bump appears the shrimp tail will be damaged, and (3) In these conditions the shrimp still looks active.
Some of cultivation technical treatments that can be applied to anticipate broken tails on shrimp problem, are among others :
  1. If the broken tails caused by cannibalism, the effort can be done is by reviewing the shrimp feed program to conform with the shrimp need level.

  2. If the broken tails caused by water quality / pond bottom is dirty, then the effort can be made are: (a) cleaning of pond bottom, (b) conduct a more intensive water circulation, (c) provision of soft lime, and (d) at a severe stage can be used KMnO4 (potassium permanganate) with a normal dosage (not recommended).

  3. Perform observations of changes in shrimp conditions carefully after being given the treatment described above
The broken tails shrimp problems are more dominant aused by environmental factors, including poor water quality / dirty pond bottom, so that alternatives can be done to anticipate this problem is to maintain the quality of pond water in the optimal conditions for shrimp, and routine controlling pond bottom conditions.

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