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05 August, 2010

Do Not Make A Wrong Decision on the Third Months Phase

In previous discussions have made clear that a shrimp farming is a financial profit oriented business. A sufficient knowledge about the cultivation technical will be deemed to fail if its implementation can not provide financial benefits.

Referring to the rationale, the perpetrators of shrimp farming, especially the pond technicians need to decision making skills related to the level of profit and losses that will be obtained, if at a certain moment there is a problem that occurs during the process of shrimp cultivation.

The third months phase is a critical phase in a shrimp farming with the following rationales:
  1. During third months phase, the shrimp was about 70-100 days old with an average body weight about 10 grams - 15 grams in a normal condition. At moment, the price of shrimp is still not optimal, so if the shrimps were harvested at the time, then the total sale price has not been able to provide the optimal level of benefits too.
  2. The third months phase a time of beginning of the increased use of shrimp feed drastically, so this phase can be considered as a critical point as the increase in production costs drastically. As mentioned in previous discussions, the shrimp feed is the largest contributor to the cost of production in a shrimp farming.
Referring to two rationales above, if during third months phase shrimp affected to a problem, it needs an appropriate decision making in order not to cause huge losses level.

Some factors that can be used as the basis for decision making are as follows:
  1. Level of problems that occur

  2. Estimated population of shrimp at that time and the next phases if the problems that occur can be overcome.

  3. Estimated rates of return in financial terms through the calculation of the total sale price of obtained shrimps minus the total production cost (including costs which are already incurred for the purchase of shrimp feed).
Based on the three factors mentioned above, if the shrimps affected to problems at the third months, the action needed is to take quick and appropriate decisions, associated with the decision of continued or not continued for the process of shrimp culture in this period, in order to the level of losses obtained can be minimized.

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