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06 April, 2010

Normal Harvest on Shrimp Farming

Normal harvest is the harvest activities are carried out on a plot of a pond with a basic consideration of the condition, size and quality of shrimp in ponds is considered to have fulfilled the requirements to be harvested so that it can generate financial gains rates as expected.

Viewed from the process, the normal harvest stage almost the same as the steps being taken on an premature harvest activities namely (i) pre-harvest phase, and (ii) stage of the process of harvesting. The difference between these two types of harvest at pre-harvest phase of identification / analysis of the level of problems (diseases) in shrimp. In normal harvest activities are no longer required identification problem because as we mentioned in the above explanation that the condition and quality of shrimp is considered eligible for harvest. (These stages of normal harvest activities can be seen in the discussion stages of premature harvest).
The most fundamental thing to notice in normal harvest activities is how to maintain the quality of shrimp produced will be maintained, so the financial benefit that obtained does not miss from the estimate.

In an effort to maintain the quality of shrimp during harvest time, so here are some notes that need to be noticed:
  1. Shrimp harvesting process should be done at night to avoid the hot sun that can affect the quality of shrimp.

  2. Shrimp harvesting process should not coincide with the full moon to avoid mass moulting shrimp that can degrade the quality.

  3. Lighting illumination in the direction of shrimp ponds, not to cause mass moulting.

  4. Harvest facilities and transportation must be available before the process of harvesting conducted to avoid a degradation in the quality of shrimp.

  5. Pond water reduction activities should pay attention to the tidal conditions that occurred at that time.

  6. At the reduction of water should be avoided treatment / activities that cause mass moulting shrimp experienced.

  7. In try, shrimp collected at central of pond to facilitate the harvesting process.

  8. Pond water levels at harvest time is effect and the difficulty of harvesting process.

  9. The washing process conducted until the shrimp through a phase rigormortis (spasm carrion).

  10. Given the number of cubes ice aim to keep the shrimp in cold temperature conditions, so that its quality does not degrade.

  11. Transfer the shrimp to the means of transportation, so be careful not to damage the shrimp.

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