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06 April, 2010

Sale Price of Shrimp After Harvest

Understanding of the selling price of shrimp after harvest is very important to be understood by the perpetrators of shrimp culture effort because it is associated closely with the level of real benefits to be gained.

Although at the time before the harvesting is done the estimated profit based on conducted sampling, but these estimates could have been missed after experiencing the process of shrimp harvesting. Shrimp is a commodity that 'high-perishable' so wrong handling during harvest can cause degradation of theshrimp quality that significantly affect to the sale price.

The selling price is determined by the size and quality of shrimp based on standard price at the time (a more detailed explanation of the concept of size and quality of shrimp have been described in earlier discussion). In summary, size is the measure of shrimp or shrimp, by definition is the amount contained in 1 kilogram, so the bigger the shrimp the size will be smaller in size.

While used quality standards include:
  1. First Quality (FQ), the shrimp under normal circumstances and his body parts intact and not damaged;

  2. Second Quality (SQ), which is shrimp in a normal state as well as parts of his body intact but there are scratched or slightly damaged;

  3. Below Standard (BS), the shrimp that have been damaged physically.
The selling price of shrimp was obtained by calculating the percentage of the overall size and quality of shrimp harvest from the total weight multiplied by the price based on size and quality. Illustration of the selling price of shrimp after harvest are presented in the figure below.

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