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17 June, 2008

Shrimp Disease : White Spot Syndrome – 02 – The Signs Identification

At explanation before, it already discussed a general view about white spot syndrome that infects a shrimp. The basic knowledge of the WSS is need to known as a basis on management and handling of the problem which infect a shrimp. In order to understand the characteristic of WSS disease, it is need to know the clinical signs of infected shrimp, as a basis on decision making.

Generally, the white spot disease signs can identified through two approaches, there are: (i) behavior/condition of infected shrimp, and (ii) identification of appearance of this disease at shrimp body. The signs of white spot include, are among others:
  1. A sudden reduction in food consumption, more over the shrimp is not consume a feed anymore.
  2. Shrimp’s digestive is empty
  3. Hepatopanchreas become decrease in size with blue/white color
  4. The shrimp become passive/ lethargy
  5. The shrimp drifting on water surface
  6. Too many shrimps at ancho
  7. Too many shrimps become adhere at pond wall
  8. At serious condition it is happen mass mortality at pond bottom
  9. The shrimp become loose cuticle and often reddish discoloration
  10. The presence of white spots of 0.5 to 2.0 mm in diameter on the inside surface of the carapace, appendages and cuticle over the abdominal segments.
The white spot disease signs like mentioned above are a common signs which can identified through visual monitoring, whereas to identified clinical signs of white spot it is better to identify through a laboratory monitoring to several shrimps sample.

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