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01 May, 2008

Pond Water Transparency - 1

Pond water transparency is one of water quality parameters that related with water turbidity level. On simplified meaning, pond water transparency is sun's rays penetration level within water and it expressed on length unit. A simple tool to measure pond water transparency is seichi disk, that is a disk which be given black and white color and be connected with a stick or handle rope which have scale lines.

Usage method of this tool is dipped it within water slowly as far as at a depth where the seichi disk begin to unvisible, then the water transparency can be read at scale lines. Pond water transparency measurement is better to be implemented at daylight and fine weather.

Pond water transparency is very close with plankthon/phytoplankthon abundance within water and both of them have a contrary equivalent relationship. In another word, if pond water transparency level more to high then plankthon/phytoplankthon abundance will more to low, on the contrary if pond water transparency level more to low then plankthon/phytoplankthon abundance within water will more to high. The objective of water transparency management (that viewed from plankthon /phytoplankthon abundance) is to appropriate with shrimp need and characteristics there are nocturnal and phototaxis negative, with the result that they need a shelter from directly sun's rays effect.

Phytoplankthon is a kind of micro plant that have chlorophyl and always carry out photosynthesis activity through sun’s rays help. Plankthon productivities will increase equivalent with sun intencity increase within pond waters, so phytoplankthon abundance will increase to with the results that it will reduce sun’s rays penetration within pond water. Based on this logical basic, so it can be said that water transparency is a variable from phytoplankthon abundance and sun intencity level. This condition can be made reference on management of pond water transparency in line with condition, need and characteristic of shrimp.

Shrimp necessity to pond water transparancy always changes in connection with shrimp age, there are :
  1. Fries and young shrimps are need a high pond water transparency level to transparent level (penetrated pond bottom).

  2. Mature shrimps are need water transparency approximately 35 cm – 40 cm or appropriate with shrimp condition.
Some factors that can be used as logical basic on determine pond water transparancy are water condition, there are biology factors, chemistry factors as well as physic factors.

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