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07 April, 2010

Monitoring of Pond Water Outlet Channels

Viewed from its construction, the ponds has two types of water channels, namely: (1) water inlet channels and water outlet channels that are generally made of paralon materials. In this discussion will not be clear about the functions of both these water channels, but more focused on how to use pond water outlet to monitor the condition of pond bottom and shrimp conditions practically.

Water outlet channels are usually connected directly to the central of pond bottom, so that if the outlet channel is opened the water in the pond will give the press power to push things around a central of pond bottom to come out the pond. These principles can be used to monitor the condition of shrimp or pond bottom in practical conditions, especially in the shrimp culture phases where the shrimp are familiar with artificial feed.

Stages that can be done to monitor the pond water outlet channels are as follows:
  1. Open drains pond in turn (usually a plot of a pond has more than one water outlet channels);

  2. Monitor the smoothness of the water level at the exit time from the channel, if the water does not flow smoothly then there is something clogging the channel. Please soon check the channel to find the source of the problem, because if not treated promptly this condition can cause the problems to water management processes;

  3. Monitor substrate-borne sewage pond water either from the color and type. Normally at the time of open drains, usually comes out first substrate is black mud and gradually disappears. If the black mud is constantly, checking out the pond bottom needs to be done;

  4. Also monitor whether there are find shrimps carcasses brought together pond water. Observation of this condition needs to be done on the number and color of the shrimp carcasses are carried away. If the dead shrimps are still have normal color then the shrimp deaths occurred relatively late, whereas if the shrimp carcass have a red color then the death of the shrimp has been relatively long to happen. Also observe the amount of water-borne shrimp carcass disposal, if enough then there have been numerous mass mortality shrimp in pond bottom;

  5. When observations the pond water outlet channels was completed, it can be continued with the water circulation process as usual.
If during the monitoring has indicated the existence of a problem at the pond bottom, it should immediately be followed up with cultivation technical treatment appropriate with the problems occurred.

Monitoring of drainage ponds like those above, if done regularly and thoroughly expected to anticipate the occurrence of serious problems that can be detrimental to the cultivation of shrimp in the current period.

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