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12 March, 2011

The Phenomenon of Shrimp in the Muddy Water

For the shrimp cultivation technicians, shrimp in the muddy water is a phenomenon that is often encountered in shrimp cultivation cycle. The phenomenon is more prevalent at the time of post-harvest of shrimps (both of normally harvest and troubled harvest).

A few days after harvest, pond bottom condition (prior to the pond bottom cleaning process) usually found black mud that is stagnating in some locations of pond bottom. If we observe it in the pool of black mud was still found some shrimps in the living conditions. In general phenomenon used by communities around the pond location by collect the shrimps that are still in the pool of black mud to be sold, so they can increase their income.

Based on the description of the above phenomena, there is one fundamental question that is important enough: why shrimp can survive for a certain time even in the extreme environments (=black mud)? The question arises, because we have to admit that the phenomenon of shrimp can survive in the mud water is a fact that can be said it distort to cultivation technical especially as related to pond water quality management.

In an effort to answer the question related to the above-mentioned phenomena, the approach can be used is: the condition of shrimp. When in good condition, the shrimp is able to survive (although for a certain time) in extreme pond waters environments (in terms of pond water quality standards). Based on the reality and this approach, then in the process of cultivation, the shrimp conditions in ponds is one of the most important factor (in addition to other factors that have been described in earlier discussions).

In good condition, actually shrimp can survive to the changes that occur in the surrounding environment. Conversely, under conditions that are not good, shrimp are highly vulnerable to problems although the condition of the surrounding environment is good based on technical criteria for shrimp farming.

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