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08 November, 2009

Shrimp Farming Story of This Month - 3

At a morning, Akhmad as a shrimp culture technician seen hurry to pond location undertaken, because there are some pond compartments that scheduled be conducted routine sampling. Enter pond location, Akhmad so spirit because seen several shrimp farmers who wait him with shrimp sampling equipments.

“Thank God they ready, if not, can be retarded sampling activity today” Akhmad mumble at heart. Akhmad speed up the footstep while pay attention to pond waters condition that he passes. Before come up to place where shrimp farmers wait him, suddenly Akhmad stop and go up at pond compartments wall that want conducted to sampling. He eye stares carefully up at pond waters because seen little bubbles that appear on water surface at several places. Those bubbles has been seen by him because at that moment water wheel in a deaden condition to give a chance for shrimp to consume feed that given. After a few moments Akhmad devolve the footstep to approach the shrimp farmers who ready help him to conduct sampling activities.

“Good morning all, whew appear spirit here to sampling today. ” said Akhmad to shrimp farmers while take outside note and little calculator from the coat pocket. “Really spirit sir, even less shrimps that we will sampling are 'funnies “, said Fulan who assigned to care shrimps in pond that want conducted to sampling. “ That’s you, ” answered Akhmad while smile and atmosphere at there be cheerful when the other farmers comes to laugh to receive Fulan's statement.

“Ok, if ready, we sampling right now, ” said Akhmad. While get ready, he approach to Fulan, “When you latest clean pond bottom ? ” asked Akhmad. While take sampling net, Fulan answered swiftly “Two days ago, I am here most discipline to clean pond bottom, Sir” answered Fulan with his unique style. His friends who around him hear little statement from Fulan, reply Fulan statement one another. “So you guarantee the pond bottom is clean .” shout Akhmad with smile. “Guarantee clean, like me” answered fulan shortly and again that thing evoke reaction noisy from the other. “You’re really, lier, ” said Akhmad in the heart sea can predict condition of Fulan’s pond bottom actually.

To prove his predictions, Akhmad choose several sampling points at pond area that he perceive previous. “Let we try to sampling here Fulan” said akhmad. Hear order like that, so Fulan throw the sampling net with swiftly to sampling point that meant. Fulan lift the net slowly, and then begin seen black mud sediment appears at pond water surface. See that phenomenon Akhmad pretends doesn't pay attention it, on the contrary Fulan seen restless and more restless when sampling net entire upraised. Fulan restlessness caused by net color that becoming blackness because black mud influence from pond bottom that comes brought by net.

“Whew …. . great, Fulan’s pond is really clean, but if like this is clean, like what the dirty Fulan” said Akhmad while laugh that greeted by belittling comments Fulan’s friends according to almost concurrent so that heard like choir. Fulan that felt lie only can quiet while his arms release trapped shrimps at net to be putted into pail sampling. “Whew .. my shrimp also dark colored compared has the friends, ” mumble Fulan while pay attention shrimps that come into pail.

Based on story above, there one basic question that can be made learning matters for us, that is: why Akhmad as a shrimp culture technician can detect that Fulan lie about pond bottom condition? If we are thorough, so actually Akhmad can predict pond bottom condition based on observation towards pond water surface at water wheel not operated that conducted before sampling activity. In water surface seen little bubbles that appear from pond bottom. That phenomenon as base in predict pond bottom condition.

There are some matter that we can make as learning matters from story above, among others:
  1. There are many nature phenomenon at pond terrace also at its around environment although unimportant appear can be made as indicator in predict a condition related to shrimp culture process.

  2. Through accurate observation and strong curiosity will make our knowledge to predict causality relationship on a shrimp culture process.

  3. There are found tight correlation between composers elements of pond waters ecosystem. if happen change at one particular element, so will have another elements.

  4. Make nature phenomenon likes to meant at item no. 1 as our teacher for increase comprehension and insight that we cannot get from another person.

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