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14 February, 2008

My Story of This Month – 1

Do you want to know, what is a first sentence that I heard when I began as shrimp culture technician ? “Shrimp science is expensive !” The sentence spoken by a senior shrimp culture practitioner in response to a question that I asked to him about how he knew that the shrimp in a pond have been hit by problems and longest one week must be harvested, while visually shrimp within the pond looks good.

Hear an answer like that I can only grumble to myself, "This guy is very arrogant, do not want to distribute his knowledge to others". But what he predicts is true, within less than a week shrimp in the pond should be harvested soon as exposed to a serious problem

Since that moment, I had thoughtful and I took a positive thinking from that incident, there was “Since then, I started to think and take the positives from that incident, "he knew why I do not know and I had to learn”.

Based on the above bit of story there are 3 things that can be taken lesson, namely:
  1. Shrimp science as well as other science is a science that can be learned by anyone if there's a will. There are 5 key words that can be applied to study the shrimp science that are: ask, implement, observe, conclude, and evaluation.

    Ask : for something unknowing related to shrimp science, try to find the answer by asking anyone who is deemed to know.

    Apply: try to apply the knowledge gained from the process of asking into the cultivation of technical applications.

    Observe: Try to observe the changes / results from the knowledge that has been applied carefully.

    Conclude: Make conclusions from a knowledge that has been applied to them.and formulated in a causal primarily related to the technical treatment of the condition of shrimp culture.

    Evaluation: evaluate all of the above process.

    The above explanation is a learning process to learn shrimp science in a practical.

  2. Do not ever feel satisfied and proud with the science of shrimp that have been held, because the shrimp science is very broad and complex and has its own characteristics compared with other knowledge.

  3. Spread / share shrimp science (minors) to anybody who need both success and failure related shrimp culture.
In conclusion of this story, let us promote shrimp farming in Indonesia on continuously, show to the world that we can …..

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