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05 March, 2008

My Story of This Month - 2

One day, Fulan feeling very happy, as a farmer he was felt proud because on that day his pond locations will be visited by Mr X who is known as an expert in shrimp cultivation. According to information from a technician, his pond location is a most ideal pond in accordance with cultivation technically so that the object used as a model for others.

Conditions that make the area's shrimp of Fulan recommended to be visited by Mr X as shrimp culture expert.

As originally planned, late morning Mr X and his entourage came to the Fulan's pond areas. After discussing briefly in his yard, Mr. X and then took him to see ponds condition directly. “Excellent water! Look, with condition of water quality such as this, I guarantee shrimp condition within it would be nice too, "said Mr. X to his entourage. As an attempt to prove his statement, Mr. X then take several shrimp samples then observed a minute. “Perfect, these are examples of shrimp with ideal conditions "said Mr. X. Members of his entourage grew even more impressed with the expertise of Mr.X after the statement is proved true.

Heard this opinion, Fulan are felt as the manager of the pond immediately feel flattered, so he gave the answer with gusto every question posed to him. After observing several Fulan’s ponds, Mr. X and his entourage then said goodbye to leave the location. A recommendation has been given by Mr. X on that day, that Fulan’s ponds can be used as pilot for other technically related to shrimp culture management

After Mr. X and his entourage had left, the atmosphere of that location the same again. Fulan is still shrouded visible pride sitting in the corner of one plot of a pond as he imagined the level of benefits that will reach at this time cultivation period. but at the moment agus preoccupied with imagination, suddenly looks a shrimp floated in front of him and then stuck to the edge of the pond. agus actually seen this, but his heart was lulled by the opinion of Mr. X made himself ignore the incident and were regarded as something unusual in the shrimp culture.

At afternoon, Fulan was looking very panicked when he saw the number of shrimp that fly on pond water surface increased a lot, especially whenwater wheels were shut down. Fulan then take several samples of shrimp that hovered and watched carefully, and everything still looks good. Out of curiosity, Fulan and then straight down into the pond to check the pond bottom, was surprised when at the pond bottom have been found of shrimps that have been dead even though his condition is still fresh and relatively evenly in the ponds botto. Experienced anything like this Fulan limp directly, no other word shrimp must be harvested early!

Based on a little story above, there are some things that we can take the silver lining, there are:
  1. Apart from technical factors, in the shrimp farming there are also non-technical factors that sometimes can not be described both technically and in reality this is often encountered;

  2. In the management of shrimp culture required a systematic technical approach which is supported by the observation and identification of changes in condition of shrimp and its ecosystem diligently and carefully, to reduce the factor of "X" that can happen beyond our expectations;

  3. In shrimp culture create conditions "we follow the shrimp, not shrimps following us"(other article related with this principal can be viewed here)

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