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20 June, 2008

Shrimp Culture News of The Month - 4

Penaeid (Penaeus monodon) Shrimp Culture Have a Potency to Recoverable
Source : kompas
edition : 2 June 2008
Makassar (South Sulawesi), Kompas - Penaeid (Penaeus monodon) shrimp culture where it became to virtual collapse since early 2000 which it caused by white spot syndrome have a potency to recoverable. At present, there is already found a mother prawns that sterile from white spot syndrome baculovirus complex.

A fry (prawn seed) which it produced can grow normally to harvest period with nature friendly and economical polyculture technology.

The Balai Budidaya Air Payau (BBAP) Takalar District, South Sulawesi was success to filtering a mother prawns that sterile from white spot syndrome baculovirus complex. The mother prawns is take from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Takalar, and Gorontalo through strictly filtering process until find a sterile shrimp.

Rahardjo, S., Head of BBAP Takalar said, a stigma Penaeid (Penaeus monodon) shrimp can not to cultivate anymore because there is no fry which sterile from white spot syndrome. Whereas, through strictly filtering process, it already produced a healthy mother prawns. Shrimp farmer just to buy the fry (prawn seed) from right institution and it have certificate to quality guarantee.

Shrimp farmer have to implement polyculture technology to filter a waters in order to sterilize from disease. This is a very simple technical, with using reservoir, filter and a pond. Let the water within reservoir water as long 3 – 5 days to eliminate the virus. After that, the water to be flow to filtering pond which already cultivated a seaweeds or milkfish or baronang fish.

The seaweeds will supply oxygen and filtering a diseases within water, also the milkfish and baronang fish will undecomposing a residue within pond. The penaeid shrimps can cultivated within own pond and it cultivated with the milkfish and baronang fish. “This polyculture method is inexpensive, natural friendly, and the shrimp farmer can get additional income from the milkfish, baronang fish also seaweeds“ Sugeng said further more.

According to Saifudin (a technician of shrimp culture of BBAP Takalar) said, with this method, a shrimp farmer is not need take feed cost. The shrimps consumed a plankthons which produced by organic fertilizer before a pond fulfiled water. The milkfish and baronang fish were enough to consume the seaweeds.

Furthermore, Safudin was assessed, at present the shrimp farmer have more profit to culture penaeid shrimp than to culture vanamei shrimp because constrained by increased shrimp feed price. In South Sulawesi, the price of vanamei shrimp feed is Rp. 11.000,- per kgs. Vanamei shrimp culture is increasingly expensive caused by increased fuel price which it used to water wheels.

Source : kompas

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