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24 December, 2007

Shrimp Culture News of This Week - 1

The Black Tiger Ready to Roar
Source : trobos 01 December 2007

Indonesia shrimp intend to back to the black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) after vannamei shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) greatness become weak and accused as causing failure of reaching target of national shrimp. It showed clearly in National Seminar of Breeding, Genetika, and Biotechnology of Fishery in Bali last month.

All stake holders in that event agreed, it is time to back to monodon. Cause monodon recently had been no longer resistant from diseases. Besides, their reason is for monodon conservation as local species. Unfortunately, it is too late. Because the others countries like Vietnam, India, and Thailand, far days before had been developed monodon seriously. Now, they defeated Indonesia and become leader in international shrimp with monodon. Whereas in fact in eighties till beginning nineties, Indonesia was become the leader one.

But in 1998, monodon business in Indonesia had collapse cause of bad management practice in its culture. Shrimp pond quality become declined and then monodon hit by many diseases. A lot of farmers had bankrupt cause of this.
“We have to think to back to monodon,” Head of Shrimp Club Indonesia, Iwan Sutanto said. The same idea comes from Head of Aquaculture Research, Ketut Sugama. “Monodon is original species from Indonesia, so why it’s not developed like vannamei?”

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Source : trobos 01 December 2007

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biotechman said...

One major issue is Disease (many other issues but this, a major one). Education and good management are essential. Stakeholders like hatcheries and farmers must be educated about disease and measures needed to control/prevent introduction of diseased animals into the system. The production chains are linked. Problem in the upstream will surely affect the downstream. Both vannamei and monodon are susceptible to viruses. There is a lot of confusion about SPF. The moment, SPF animals leave the facility, it becomes high health animals but loses its SPF status ie supposedly free from virus. Some SPF animals are also not virus free. However, proper management (good screening facility) and good farming practices should ensure crop success. Country like Brunei is investing heavily into monodon domestication with a vision to be Hawaii of Asia because the road forward is supply, production and management of virus free animals for the industry.

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