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07 April, 2008

Shrimp Culture News of The Month - 3

Indonesia Aquculture Production Increased 20 %
Source :
Pers Release 19/03/08 DKP
The Indonesia’s regulation for fiheries development are Fish Cacthing Monitoring, Aquaculture Development and Added Value Improvement of Fishery Product. In line with there regulations, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery of Indonesia are trying to increasing fiheries production to future on aquaculture sectors.

It’s such be said by Freddy Numbery (Minister of Marine Affairs and Fishery of Indonesia) at agenda of National Work Meeting Opening of Indonesian Aquaculture Community (MAI) year 2008, at Building of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery of Indonesia, Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No.16, Central Jakarta .

At least 3 (three) years, Indonesia aquaculture development have shown a significant results with increase on volume and production value. At 2005 – 2007 period, volume of aquaculture production averages increasing was growth 19.56% /year with it value increased average 10.85% / year, there were from 2.16 million ton as value Rp.21.45 quintillion at 2005 to 3.09 million ton as value Rp. 26.36 quintillion at 2007.

In order to realized a competitiveness aquaculture and it have qualified product, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery of Indonesia already supported active participation of Local Government to create a conducive exertion “climate” for aquaculture. Beside of that, the Local Government have to create an penetration which it to be sympathetic to small scale enterpreuneurs, providing a special facilitation for investor with offering a simple investment procedures to enterpreneur and established a regional spatial with the results that it can create a law assurance of exertion.

The aquaculture products demand increasing in the future will support to each countries to increase product quality in order to their can compete in global market. In connection with that matter, auaculture stakeholders have to do 3 (three) points, there are among others : (1) Super Efficient production, it’s mean that the farmers have availability to produce a comodity with cheapest cost with pressing cost production with the results that it’s can sell with affirdable price then others. Super Efficient can be created with implementing a true technically aquaculture methods, with the results that it have a high successfully chances, reducing unnecessaries cost production and using an infrastructure and natural resources effectively. (2) Real quality. In the future, advance societies with more prosperous high level were need a food with best quality and its available continuously. The good quality is mean its comply with a request that to be conditioned (acceptable), whereas continously is mean the quality have to be preserved in order to avoid quality fluctuation that can reasoning unfaithfully to consumer, and (3) Very large marketing (mega marketing), fishery products must have a large market. This matter is need the processing manufacturer can creating a product that it have added value and more product variation until create a more large market. Besides that, a farmer will be requested to increase species diversities that to be cultured to preparing more choice to make a comsumer accessiblity.

Aquaculture at future must availible to increasing it contribution as significant to whole fishery sector. This successfully can be achieved perfectly, moreover there were a supportting and active emancipation from all stakeholders from upstream to downstream, including from Indonesian Aquaculture Community (MAI)

Source :
Pers Release 19/03/08 DKP

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